So, the Government owned television network in Iran decided to screen the Oscars.

Why? Because the Oscars are rad of course.

During yesterday’s ceremony, Michelle Obama did a live cross from The White House to announce the winner for Best Bicture. The First Lady originally wore a dress by designer Naeem Khan, featuring a low neckline and shoulder straps.

But Iran didn’t like that, and decided to add some sleeves with the modern wizardry that is Photoshop.

michelle obama1 380x285 WOAH: Look what Iran did to Michelle Obamas dress...

Michelle Obama’s dress. The original version is on the left, the Photoshopped version on the right.


While Iranian rules require women shown on state television to wear a hijab that covers their hair, arms and legs, the rules do not usually apply to foreigners.

Now this may sound utterly ridiculous, but we actually quite like what they’ve done to redesign the dress.

Just sayin’…

You can flick through an (unPhotoshopped) gallery of the amazing Michelle below. And if you missed seeing the rest of the Oscars fashion, click here to check out our round-up of the red carpet.

Michelle Obama

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