Screen shot 2013 11 19 at 5.58.27 PM For ten hours they thought their baby was dead. What happened next will delight you

The tiny premmie has been named Milagros meaning Miracles






It was a tragedy that’s turned into a miracle.

A tiny baby in Colombia has come back from the dead after spending over half a day lying in the morgue.

The precious baby now named Milagros – meaning Miracles – was born prematurely in the Colombian city of Quibdo early Wednesday morning last week.

Her mother Jenny Hurtado was just 27 weeks pregnant when she was rushed to the hospital at 2:45am.

Doctors fought to save the baby who was born via C-section but tragically she was declared dead only 35 minutes after she was removed from her mother’s womb.

The baby was then taken to a morgue, where she spent ten hours before her fisherman father came to collect her.

When an attendant handed the baby’s father a box carrying her lifeless body they heard a faint cry.

In an amazing medical miracle they realized that the girl was alive.

premmie baby For ten hours they thought their baby was dead. What happened next will delight you

The baby was rushed to a hospital in the capital Bogota by plane and received treatment for her underdeveloped lungs in intensive care. Her Aunt remains with her while her mother recovers in hospital in 11 hours away.

Doctor Javier Zagarra said the baby may have initially been declared dead due to a weak heartbeat.

“In some cases the heart movements are not perceptible even though the newborn is alive, they can declare it dead,” he said.

“When they wrap the baby in a sheet, upon receiving warmth, the baby can then revitalise,” he added.

Little baby Milagros has a good chance with over 90% of babies born at 27 weeks surviving.

If the way she was born has any indication we predict she will be a fighter.

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