A pet shop in Adelaide is refusing to sell puppies this Christmas.

The reason? They’re sick of people impulsively buying gifts for their relatives – only to abandon them a few weeks later.

The Pet Spot wrote a message on their Facebook page explaining their decision. It’s since received more than 20,000 ‘likes’.

boomer 5 years old1 177x236 Please dont buy pet shop puppies for Christmas.

This is Boomer. He’s not a puppy and he’s not from the pet shop but he needs a home.

Please note : Due to the amount of phone calls we are receiving regarding people wanting to buy puppies for xmas we will not be selling (nor buying) any puppies during this period (as a note our last puppies were approx 3 months ago) – this act we believe encourages impulse buying and contributes to many animals being dumped afterwards so to all followers who genuinely want the wonderful addition of a pet for xmas please contact the numerous rescue groups who I am sure will be pleased to help you find your pet. I know this post may come across as a little “rude” perhaps but we are trying to promote and achieve responsible pet ownership.

We agree with the pet shop. If you’re desperate to buy a puppy for Christmas (or any time really), can we recommend you go to a rescue shelter?

Here’s a look at the types of dogs you can adopt from Animal Rescue groups, the names of which we’ve listed below. Please note: the dogs pictured are from non-kill animal shelters.

NSW: Ace, 6 weeks old

Monica’s Rescues is in NSW – see the dogs here. Save-a-dog in Victoria – see the dogs here. Best Friend’s Rescue in QLD – visit their website here.

You can find a full list of rescue shelters around Australia here.

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