• Jamila Rizvi.

    Humiliating and isolating Muslim women won’t make us any safer.

    By JAMILA RIZVI It’s scary how quickly fear can can degenerate into hate. And this week, as the campaign to ‘ban the burqa’ reared its ugly, uncovered head once more, our country’s leaders have validated that fear. The Australian Government sent a message loud and clear that Muslims, and more particularly Muslim women, are a threat to [read more]

  • sabrinaallen2

    A US teenager has been found alive, 12 years after she was abducted.

              Twelve years ago, four-year-old Sabrina Allen was kidnapped from her home state of Texas in the US. This week, Sabrina was finally found in a little town in Mexico with her mother, who allegedly took the little girl for a scheduled weekend visit and never brought her back. Sabrina’s mother Dara Marie Llorens has allegedly undergone [read more]

  • .

    Another Australian baby has died of an entirely preventable disease.

            It’s news that’s both devastating and infuriating. NSW Health has revealed a baby that died last month from whooping cough had not been vaccinated against the preventable disease. The child passed away in the Hunter New England health district last month NSW Health’s communicable disease ­director Vicky Sheppeard said “we understand they [read more]

  • IVF clinic

    This white woman is suing her sperm bank after being mistakenly sent black donor sperm.

    By SHAUNA ANDERSON         Jennifer Cramblett says even getting her daughter’s haircut is difficult. Her daughter is a mixed race child growing up in what Jennifer says is a small all-white town. She fears her daughter, now aged two will never be accepted. Jennifer’s stress and anxiety over her daughter may even [read more]

  • Australia flag burnt at the War Memorial yesterday.

    Thursday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. Woman sets flag alight at war memorial     Police have arrested a woman who allegedly set fire to an Australia flag at the War Memorial in Sydney yesterday. Security cameras filmed the woman described as being of Caucasian appearance stepping into a roped off room and burning the flag. Police say they found [read more]

  • Hong Kong protest

    The questions you were too embarrassed to ask about what’s happening in Hong Kong.

            By SURYA DEVA, City University Hong Kong After days on the streets, thousands of Hong Kong residents are still occupying several major streets of their city. Already nicknamed as the “umbrella movement” because of protesters’ use of umbrellas to shield against the police’s pepper spray, this is the fruit of indifference [read more]

  • Neryl and her son Kane

    She’s a suburban mum of three. And a former soldier with an extraordinary story.

    By LARRISSA HUGGARD WARNING: This post features explicit details of sexual assault that could be distressing for some readers.  Looking at Neryl Joyce’s smiling photograph as she hugs her sweet, blonde-haired son Kane, you’d never guess she was anything other than an ordinary, suburban mum. But the truth is, the 41-year-old Perth woman has a very [read more]

  • Australian military action reported to begin this weekend.

    Wednesdays news in under 5 minutes.

    Update: The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed the first case of Ebola has been diagnosed within the United States. This is the first known case in which a citizen fell ill and was diagnosed domestically. The case is thought to be in the state of Texas. More to come. 1. Australia could begin [read more]

  • Any parent's worst nightmare.

    She was out jogging when a man grabbed her baby’s pram from her grasp.

    By SHAUNA ANDERSON       Her world nearly changed in a minute. A mother out for a run with her  baby son has faced what many of us could not even bear to think about – attempted child abduction, her baby nearly snatched right before her eyes. Dahlia Jones* was pushing her 14-month-old son in [read more]

  • unveiled thought 2

    ‘I’m a Muslim woman living in Australia and I’m scared.’

            By AMNE ALRIFAI The past 10 days have left me numb. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that since the terror raids began, we’ve been overloaded with talk of ISIS-sanctioned beheadings and threats of terrorism on our country. As an Australian Muslim, I’m mortified about the possibility of [read more]

  • Fiona-O-Loughlin-2

    BERN: “Bravo, Fiona O’Loughlin.”

            Editor’s note: This post deals with suicide. Some readers may find this article triggering. BY BERN MORLEY I’m not an alcoholic but I am the daughter of one. So, watching Australian Story last night about Fiona O’Loughlin’s struggle with alcohol and subsequent suicide attempt, was quite confronting. Fiona O’Loughlin is a brilliant Australian [read more]

  • viral letter to emma watson

    Teenage boy writes perfect letter to Emma Watson.

              Well, this is refreshing. A 15-year-old boy from Britain has penned a mature and eloquent letter, defending Emma Watson’s gender equality speech to the United Nations. In the face of the vitriol directed at Watson last week, it’s nice to see a young man proudly declare that feminism is on his radar. And something [read more]

  • Tony Abbott

    Tony Abbott names top 4 global crisis. Forgets the whole ‘climate change’ caper.

          By ALYS GAGNON Last week was a pretty big week for climate change on the world stage. The United Nations held a Climate Summit, where the leaders of the world came together to plan how to tackle climate change. It was a summit that Prime Minister Tony Abbott failed to attend. He [read more]

  • revengeporn2

    When home-made porn is used as a weapon.

      Dividing all your jointly-owned property after a relationship breakdown is never fun: debates about who keeps the coffee table, or the white goods, or the dog. But there’s one issue that’s a little scarier when it comes to dividing property post-break-up: what happens to those nude photos you took together? For a lot of women, saucy photos taken in more intimate times are [read more]

  • "But far from repairing anything, this destroys."

    A newspaper has dedicated an entire page to this hateful ad.

    A newspaper in the US has published a full-page ad targeting transgender people. Anti-LGBT group The Minnesota Child Protection League bought the ad, which directly addresses parents, in the Sunday Star Tribune. The ad says: “A male wants to shower next to your 14 year old daughter. Are you okay with that?” The ad. The [read more]

  • Isis  and her family.

    This 8 y/o girl’s name is ruining her family’s life.

    By SHAUNA ANDERSON       Eight-year-old Isis Leskien has spent her whole life believing her name is beautiful and unique. Her parents carefully chose her name from the ancient Egyptian god of magic for its representation of strength. These days however the name Isis has other connotations – of terror and fear. Of beheadings, [read more]

  • Protests yesterday on Nauru.

    Tuesday’s news in under 5 minutes.

      1. Accusations of sexual abuse and rape on Nauru Warning this item deals with sexual abuse and may be distressing for some readers.       Horrifying claims of sexual abuse of women and children by guards has emerged from the detention centre on Nauru. Fairfax Media reports that a female detainee detailed allegations [read more]

  • sundaynight3

    “Everyone has a right to look human. And this kid doesn’t look human.”

      Little Yahya Zohra is the boy with no face. His facial bones didn’t fuse properly the womb, so he was born without eyes, without a nose and without a functioning mouth. But despite all the odds, Yahya was born safely — and he’s now a sweet, cheeky three-year-old who’s adored by his family and his next-door neighbour friend, Heba. Life is far from [read more]

  • A nurse reportedly said he had seen a woman hanging around outside the private hospital room.

    A newborn was snatched from a hospital cot. While her mother took a shower.

    When new mother Elsje Pretorius stepped into the hospital shower on Thursday, leaving her five-day-old baby girl, Nadine, sleeping peacefully in the maternity wing, she never thought any harm would reach her baby. But when she returned to her hospital room at Middlemore Hospital in Auckland, she found Nadine’s cot empty. In a panic, Ms [read more]

  • 60 minutes isis tara brown

    The women risking their lives to keep the world safe from terror.

      By APARNA BALAKUMAR. These women are not afraid to take on ISIS. Meet the Kurdish Female Fighters – all-women warriors taking on the Islamic State. Headfirst. Tonight’s 60 Minutes gave viewers an insight into a group of extraordinary women – wives, daughters, mothers, and friends – risking their lives everyday to restore peace to their society. The world might [read more]

  • The newborn baby was taken from the locked maternity ward.

    Monday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. Newborn baby taken from  hospital       The mother of a newborn baby stolen from her cot in the maternity wing of a hospital says she does not have any hard feelings towards her baby’s kidnappers. Elsje Pretorius’s five-day-old baby girl was sleeping when Elsje stepped into the shower in the Middlemore Hospital, [read more]

  • The case has been called pure neglect.

    He was 80kg when he died. He was 10 yrs old. He never stood a chance.

    By SHAUNA ANDERSON       He weighed more than twice the average weight for a 10-year old boy. His mother couldn’t even make her bed without a hit of ice. This 10-year old boy never stood a chance. In yet another heartbreaking example of how chronically our system fails many children an innocent 10-year [read more]

  • julie bishop at the un

    Sunday’s news in 5 minutes.

    Australia ‘days away’ from making a decision about Military involvement in Iraq Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has said that a decision on Australia’s military involvement in Iraq will be made within days, following the first US led airstrikes on Islamic State. Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who returned to Canberra this morning, after a week at [read more]

  • Bill and Hillary Clinton holding Chelsea

    Bill and Hillary Clinton release first pictures holding their grandchild.

    UPDATE: Proud new grandparents, Bill and Hillary Clinton, have taken to Twitter to share pics of the first time they laid eyes on their new grandaughter. The whole family looks absolutely besotted with their latest addition, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky. Take a look below: .@BillClinton and I are over the moon to be grandparents! One of [read more]

  • The Islamic school 'intruder'  has been charged.

    Saturday’s news in less than two minutes.

    1. Amnesty International condemns the Australian government’s plan to settle refugees in Cambodia. Immigration minister Scott Morrison yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding which would allow refugees in detention on Nauru to settle in Cambodia. However, a spokesman for Amnesty International has called the move “deplorable.” “In January the Australian Government condemned Cambodia’s human rights [read more]

  • richard glover interviews mohammed

    Why Australia could learn a lot from 10 y/o Mohammed and his mates.

      Yesterday, the Australian media was a-flurry with the news of the stabbing of two police officers by an 18-year-old being questioned about his involvement in a alleged terrorist plot affiliated with Islamic extremist organisation, IS. But, over on 702 ABC Sydney, radio host Richard Glover was conducting a very different interview with 10-year-old Mohammed [read more]

  • melora

    The terrifying photo that shows a woman hiding on the roof to escape an intruder.

    By SHAUNA ANDERSON         An actress has lived out a real life horror movie after an intruder who had broken into her house followed her out onto the roof and appeared behind her as she hid on an eave. A neighbour captured the moment on camera the young woman had to decide [read more]

  • Fears of an imminent terror attack.

    Friday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. IS Militants plot imminent attack on New York and Paris subways         Iraq’s prime minister has said that Islamic State militants told his intelligence agents of an alleged plot to attack subways in the United States and Paris. Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi made the remarks at a press conference on the [read more]

  • senator buck 2

    Another day, another politician explaining to us how women’s bodies work.

        By AMY STOCKWELL Another day, another politician explaining to us how women’s bodies work. Today, Liberal Senator Chris Back made an extraordinary speech to the Australian Senate in which he suggested: 1. Miscarriages occur because foetuses have the capacity to “understand…that they might not survive in post-foetal life” 2. “The records as kept by [read more]

  • Elissa's Instagram account had this image.

    ‘Shark bite’ activist tells Mamamia: “I’m not a fraud”.

      By GRACE JENNINGS-EDQUIST Gold Coast student and environmental activist Elissa Sursara, who says she was bitten by a shark in September last year, has hit back at claims she’s a fraud – telling Mamamia she may have “misspoken” in interviews, but never intentionally bent the truth. The Queensland biology student and climate change activist, 26, told media earlier this year [read more]