• schoolgirls abducted in Nigeria.

    234 girls were abducted last week. Why aren’t we talking about them?

    Share  Last week, 234 schoolgirls were abducted. Stolen from their boarding school by gunmen in the middle of the night. Packed into the back of open lorries as the buildings around them were burned to the ground. A handful of the teenage girls escaped by hiding in a dangerous nearby forest; others jumped from the [read more]

  • kim-jong-un-haircut-1

    These photos of Kim Jong-un as a child wearing military garb are nothing short of eerie.

      Rare childhood photos of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have been aired on North Korea’s state-run broadcaster. The images were released as part of a concert at which the “Dear Leader” met with members of the country’s air force and, well, they’ve got everyone talking…. Fascinating, huh? The photos of Kim, 31, as a [read more]

  • Police car

    Wednesday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    UPDATE: Possible debris from MH370 found washed up on WA coast Authorities are investigating whether debris that washed up on a beach in southwest Western Australia could be from ill-fated Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. According the to The West Australian, the debris was found on a beach at Augusta and handed in to Busselton police [read more]

  • April-Lee Gillen

    She posted that a strange man had invited her home. What happened next was horrifying.

          A teenage girl sends a chilling Facebook message saying she needs help. Moments later she is found unconscious with severe head injuries on the side of a road. Left for dead. This happened south of Wollongong in the early hours of Sunday morning. The police have been investigating the possibility that 17-year-old [read more]

  • man depressed

    Two sisters under the age of 5 are dead. A man believed to be their father is in court.

            Trigger Warning: This post deals with issues of domestic violence and may be triggering for survivors of abuse. Savannah, 4 and Indianna, 3, were found dead at their grandmother’s home just two days ago. Today the Melbourne man accused of murdering the girls appeared in court and he was reportedly quiet. The man is [read more]

  • should egg donors be paid

    It’s legal in Britain. It’s legal in the US. So why isn’t it legal here?

          For a grueling process that involves a number of invasive tests and seemingly endless hormone injections, donating eggs in Australia doesn’t currently offer much in return. And that’s one of the reasons why, if amendments to the IVF code of ethics currently under consideration go ahead, Australian egg donors may soon be able to be [read more]

  • melbourne sister

    Tuesday’s news in under 5 minutes

    1. Father of slain sisters faces court   The father of the Melbourne sisters murdered on Easter Sunday will face Melbourne Magistrates court today, charged with their murder. Charles Mihayo, 35, is reported to have been living in a granny flat at the back of the property where they were killed. He had seperated from [read more]

  • Maria close up

    She was 20 weeks pregnant but she died after doctors removed her ovary rather than her appendix.

              She was 20-weeks pregnant with her fourth child. What she thought would be a routine operation instead killed her and her baby boy. An inquest in the UK is hearing the case of Mother-of-three Maria De Jesus, a 32-year old woman who died in 2011 after a trainee surgeon removed [read more]

  • two sisters killed

    Melbourne man charged with the murder of two sisters, aged just 3 and 4.

      UPDATE: The family of the two little girls murdered on Easter Sunday have released a statement describing their devastation at the loss. “We are utterly devastated at the loss of Savannah and Indianna,” the statement read. “The girls will be forever missed, loved and never forgotten. We ask that the media please respect our [read more]

  • plane

    Monday’s news in under 5 minutes.

      1. Malaysia Airlines flight forced to make emergency landing. A Malaysian Airlines flight on route from Kuala Lumpur to Bangalore was forced to turn back after three hours last night. The situation occurred due to one of the tyres on the right hand landing bursting during take-off. All 166 passengers and crew members on [read more]

  • Australian disability pension

    Sunday’s news in less than two minutes

    Search for MH370 black box could be completed within a week The search for missing flight MH370′s black box could be completed within a week, Australian authorities announced yesterday. The underwater search for the device, which will contain details of the flight’s final moments, has been narrowed to a circular area with a 10km radius, [read more]

  • Michaelia Cash feminist

    Saturday’s news in under 5 minutes.

      1. Pleas from a Brisbane father to the Assistant Immigration Minister.  A Brisbane based man, David Nguyen, has expressed concern over his eight-month-old son’s wellbeing, after his Vietnamese ex-partner was denied a partner visa to stay within Australia. Mr Nguyen has pleaded with Assistant Immigration Minister Michaelia Cash to rethink this decision. “I don’t think [read more]

  • jews told to register in ukraine

    Friday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. Jews in east Ukraine city told to ‘register’ with pro-Russian forces. In abhorrent news, Jews living in the east Ukrainian city of Donetsk have reportedly been told to ‘register’ with the pro-Russian forces in the area. People of Jewish faith were apparently told they would need to hand over a list of the property [read more]

  • barry faz

    It’s right to hold politicians to a higher standard. And Barry O’Farrell was right to resign.

          It is tragic that New South Wales has lost an able and dedicated Premier apparently over a bottle of wine, even if it is a $3000 bottle of 1959 Penfolds Grange. Many will be sad to see Barry O’Farrell go. He is one of the most skilled politicians in the recent history [read more]

  • Robert Marshall

    This politician actually just said that kids with disabilities are punishment for abortions.

              A politician in the US actually just said that children born with disabilities are punishment for women who get abortions. He actually said that. Republican party candidate Robert Marshall is openly anti-abortion, and this week is standing by his 2010 statement that said: “The number of children who are born [read more]

  • Barry O'Farrell

    Thursday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    Update: NSW Treasurer Mike Baird has been elected the new NSW Liberal leader. He was elected unopposed as the new NSW Premier. His nearest contender for the job, Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian, decided not to challenge in the leadership ballot. Supporters of each minister were running the numbers overnight in anticipation of a ballot, the [read more]

  • royals

    The Royals are here. Quick, everyone look fancy.

    THEY’RE HERE THEY’RE HERE. Prince William, Duchess Catherine (AKA Kate Middleton) and their little bundle of royal joy, Prince George, have just touched down in Australia. Everyone’s favourite trio of Royals have stepped off the royal plane in Sydney and they’re headed straight to the Opera House. Kate stepped off the plane in bright canary [read more]

  • child bride kills husband

    Just days after the wedding, she killed her husband with rat poison. Here’s why.

        At just 14 years old, Wasila Umar was forced to marry a man more than twice her age. Less than a week after their wedding, her 35-year-old husband and three of his friends lay dead in the couple’s home in Nigeria. Umar, who never had the chance to attend school, confessed to the [read more]

  • US running out of execution drugs 1

    The fascinating reason why the US is running out of execution drugs.

            32 states in America still have the death penalty. And those 32 states are facing a setback to the death penalty. It’s not protestors or activists, who think that capital punishment is abhorrent. It’s not any state government, which believes it’s time to repeal the death penalty. It’s because the country [read more]

  • Barry

    BREAKING: NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell quits.

      Barry O’Farrell has resigned from the job as the Premier of New South Wales . Mr O’Farrell has been Premier since 2011. The news comes after Mr O’Farrell’s appearance at the Independent Commission Against Corruption’s (ICAC) inquiry into Australian Water Holdings and O’Farrell’s reported inability to explain why he once accepted a $3000 bottle of [read more]

  • asylum seeker latifa

    Wednesday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. Man charged with abduction of Queensland girl. A 35-year-old man from South Isis has been charged following the abduction of a three-year-old girl in Queensland last week. The police also charged the man with one count of break and enter and one count of deprivation of liberty in relation to the April 10 kidnapping. He is [read more]

  • Megan Hunstman

    7 dead babies discovered in an ordinary suburban home.

            Warning: This post deals with difficult subject matter that could be distressing for some readers. It’s a modest looking brick house in a sleepy middle-class suburb in America. From the outside, there was never anything for neighbours to be suspicious about. It was simply a normal home to a family of [read more]

  • adriennelegs

    Read this: You’ll never think about survivors of tragedy in the same way again.

            Adrianne Haslet-Davis is a professional ballroom dancer, former dance instructor and public speaker. She’s also a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing, an incident that left her without a left foot. Adrianne, 33, has been in the news this week because on Friday, she left a Boston television studio in tears before a taping [read more]

  • man charged chloe campbell abduction.

    Tuesday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. Police investigating Chloe Campbell’s abduction take DNA samples from friends and family. The police have taken DNA samples from 20 people to aid their search for Chloe Campbell’s abductor. The 20 individuals include family and friends of the Campbells, and Detective Inspector Bruce McNab says that all have been given voluntarily. The police also [read more]

  • Missing Chloe Campbell

    The question everyone’s asking about the disappearance of Chloe Campbell.

          Chloe Campbell’s shocking disappearance – and then remarkable return to her family – has dominated headlines for the past week. The disappearance of a little girl always sparks a media storm, but her astonishing reappearance raises as many questions as it solves. Her whereabouts are now known – and she is thankfully [read more]

  • CNN reporting of royal visit

    Cringe-worthy: CNN’s shameful reporting of the royals’ visit down under.

        UPDATE: Jeanne Moos, the CNN journalist behind a controversial news report on the welcome of British Royals to New Zealand, has apologised for any offence caused. “Duly noted,” she said. “I do humour and satire, and I am truly sorry if the tone of my story offended anyone.” Her apology followed the launch [read more]

  • Chloe Campbell

    Monday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. 3-year-old Chloe Campbell describes her potential abductors. Three-year-old Chloe Campbell has provided a clue for the investigation into her abduction. When speaking to family about her two-day disappearance, Chloe has reportedly used the phrase “daddy’s friends”. Detective Inspector Bruce McNab told The Courier-Mail that she had given the police “information (they) can use” to continue [read more]

  • Missing Chloe Campbell

    Sunday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. Suggestions Chloe went missing following a threat made to her father. Investigations into the disappearance of 3-year-old toddler Chloe Campbell are continuing today. She was returned to her mother early yesterday after being found by police in a showground across the road from her home in Childers, Queensland. Family friends have revealed to the Sunday Mail that [read more]

  • Missing Chloe Campbell

    Saturday’s News in under 5 minutes

    Breaking: 3 year old missing Queensland girl Chloe Campbell found alive Three-year-old Chloe Campbell has been reunited with her mother after being found alive. Chloe, who vanished from her family’s living room on Wednesday night, was found at the Childers Showground, south of Bundaberg late on Friday night. Inspector Kevin Gutteridge told the ABC that [read more]

  • "This morning I heard the news and I cried at my desk"

    BEC: The most shocking part of the Hey Dad! cast interview.

              Last night I watched A Current Affair and frankly, I need to debrief. One thousand different thoughts and emotions are swirling around my head and I don’t even quite know where to start in unpacking it all. Let’s start with the fact that last night’s show was four years in the [read more]