ColinFarrell Daily Buzz: Ovulation Goggles make you pick bad boys

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A(nother) study had apparently revealed why women choose to hook up with, and even date, so-called nasty boys: ovulation goggles. That’s the term used by researcher Kristina Durante, of The University of Texas, after she studied the way women reacted to ‘sexy’ and ‘reliable’ men on online dating profiles.

“Under the hormonal influence of ovulation, women delude themselves into thinking that the sexy bad boys will become devoted partners and better dads. When looking at the sexy cad through ovulation goggles, Mr. Wrong looked exactly like Mr. Right,” she said.

“When asked about what kind of father the sexy bad boy would make if he were to have children with another woman, women were quick to point out the bad boy’s shortcomings. But when it came to their own child, ovulating women believed that the charismatic and adventurous cad would be a great father to their kids.”

But, you already knew that, right?

Here’s what else is on our radar today:

Michael Clarke 380x502 Daily Buzz: Ovulation Goggles make you pick bad boys

Michael Clarke and wife Kyly Boldy

1. Cricketer Michael ‘Pup’ Clarke just surprise tweeted pics from his wedding to model Kyly Boldy. The pair were married yesterday.

2. Smokers could be banned from lighting up at home, on their balconies, under proposed new strata laws in New South Wales. Some unit blocks have already introduced the bans … do you think it’s a good idea?

3. The editor of Australian Vogue Kirstie Clements was among three NewsLifeMedia magazine editors to be sacked today after sweeping changes were made by new CEO Nicole Sheffield. Clements will be replaced by rival editor Edwina McCann, formerly of Harper’s Bazaar.

4. Someone over at Ninemsn posted the clip of the winner of Celebrity Apprentice being announced a full 24 hours before tonight’s finale. Oops. Hope someone goes easy on whoever did that.

5. The Kyle and Jackie O Show – and the rest of the 2Day FM network – must meet a new decency standard for the next five years as a condition of the network’s broadcast licence. That’s a result of the Australian Communications and Media Authority investigation of foul-mouth Kyle’s on-air rant last year.

6. A Queensland primary school principal is threatening to expel students aged under 13 who have Facebook profiles and refuse to delete them, as part of a campaign to stamp out cyber-bullying.

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