Olivia Newton-John and Kylie Minogue are the only women among the seven newly anointed National Living Treasures, an award sponsored by the NSW branch of the National Trust.

Joining them yesterday were, mining magnate Clive Palmer (who was chosen over Gina Rinehart), formula one champion Sir Jack Brabham, cervical cancer vaccine developer Ian Frazer, conservationist Harry Butler and broadcaster Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.

The new Living Treasures (excluding Kylie Minogue) lined up for a group photo.

To make the list not only do the nominees have to contribute to Australian society, they also have to have a pulse. The awards were last handed out in 2004 but because six of the recipients are no longer breathing, and hence fail one of the most important criteria, the Trust, have had to to reconvene to issue a new list.

national living treasures 100 National Living Treasures: Whos missing?

National Living Treasures

According to Fairfax: “Woman’s Day handled the voting through its website and, with the trust, came up with 100 potential treasures. All seven final choices came from the list, which had just 31 women, including the actor Cate Blanchett, the scientist and Nobel laureate Elizabeth Blackburn and the television host Kerri-Anne Kennerley.”

Who do you think missed out and who shouldn’t be on the list?

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