lily allen 380x506 Which celeb new mum is pregnant again ALREADY?

Lily Allen’s dad has confirmed the 27 year old singer is pregnant with her second child.





After a week of baby news rumours, Lily Allen’s dad has confirmed the 27 year old singer is pregnant with her second child, just eight months after the birth of her daughter Ethel.

Keith Allen appeared on UK TV show This Morning, answering “Yes, she is pregnant,” when quizzed on the baby reports.

This from Sky News:

Speaking on UK TV show ‘This Morning’ on Monday Keith put an end to speculation by saying: ‘Yes, she is pregnant.’

Though the star never commented directly after reports of her pregnancy were published earlier this month – on the same day as she was named one of the top tweeters – she made a veiled reference to the claims on twitter.

She wrote: ‘Thank you for all your congratulations today. I honestly couldn’t be happier. such an honour to be on the list ! #Timestop50tweeters , (sic)’

She later hinted on twitter that she might be pregnant, musing: ‘Hormones getting the better of me I think.’

Lily quit her music career and moved to the countryside to start a family with her husband Sam Cooper two years ago.

It’s going to be a big year for Lily Allen fans – in addition to the pregnancy news, the star has also recently announced she is working on another album.

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