unhcr 380x232 Join Mia Freedman at Australia for UNHCR’s Mother’s Day Lunch


Mia Freedman, Publisher of Mamamia and News Limited Columnist will be speaking at the Australia for UNHCR Mother’s Day lunch – and everyone is invited to come along.

When: Tuesday 8 May 2012

Where: The Ivy, George Street, Sydney CBD

Time: 12.15 for 12.30 – 2.15 pm

Australia for UNHCR says:

IMG 1278 380x547 Join Mia Freedman at Australia for UNHCR’s Mother’s Day Lunch

Mia will be speaking at the lunch

Join us in our annual Mother’s Day Celebration which benefits the Safe Mother & Baby Program in Somalia.  This year we are proud to announce two special guest speakers:

Mia Freedman, Publisher, Mamamia.com and Dr Abdul Cadir Giama, Director of the Galkayo Medical Centre, Somalia. This lunch is a wonderful way to celebrate Mother’s Day while helping the women and children of Somalia.

Tickets are $150 per seat or a table of ten for $1,500.

Please email rsvp@unrefugees.org.au to secure your booking.

If you would like to attend the event, please download the booking form and return to rsvp@unrefugees.org.au.

Last year we raised over $120,000 from the event which helped Australia for UNHCR provide life-saving maternal health services for refugee mothers and babies in Somalia. Every dollar made a huge difference in communities which have so little. To find out more about our Safe Mother and Baby Program, please click here.

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