You read that headline correctly.

Yes, this woman is wearing a bike helmet.

Invisible helmet 380x326 We kid you not, this woman is wearing a bike helmet.

So is this man.

Invisible helmets 2 380x570 We kid you not, this woman is wearing a bike helmet.

And so is this woman.

Invisible helmets 3 380x400 We kid you not, this woman is wearing a bike helmet.

You’re trying to pick it, aren’t you?

Are they wearing some kind of clear shell over her head? A Harry Potter-esque invisibility cloak? Have graphic designers Photoshopped out the helmets, much like they did Katie Holmes’ wrinkles in this make up campaign?

The answer is no.

Check out this video by Swedish company, Hövding. It says it all, really.

The invisible helmets were created by two Swedish women – Anna Haupt and Terese Alsti – who were studying industrial design when they came up with the idea. In response to talks of making helmets mandatory for all bike riders in Sweden, the women wanted to create a product that wasn’t as bulky as a traditional bike helmet; something that people would be happy to wear.

The helmets retail for around €399.

Now you tell us – would you pay that to avoid helmet hair?

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