Warning: the images in this post may be distressing.

What do you do when you have lots of money and a desire to be a tough guy? You pay the Hunting Legends company tens of thousands of dollars to go on a ‘safari’ in Africa where you hunt and kill wild animals in an enclosed space. Animals like giraffes. And Elephants.

There is a market for this among rich white men and it is repugnant.

The Trump brothers disagree. Thirty-four-year-old Donald Junior and 28-year-old Eric are the sons of US billionaire Donald Trump and this is what they got up to on their recent Hunting Legends trip in Zimbabwe.

The pictures were posted on the website of the company that ran the trip, Hunting Collections. -brothers


This is from the Daily Mail, who first reported the story when the images were posted on the website of the hunting company who organised this and other trips for the Trump brothers:

The company, called Hunting Legends, detailed the brother’s trip and said that it was not the first time that the Manhattan real estate moguls arranged a trip with them.

Though the pricing for the trip is not publicly available, it was certainly a costly endeavor.

The 2012 trophy fees for each of the animals they shot, and for the deer-like animal called the Kudu they paid at least $2,795.00 and another $1,997.00 for the Waterbuck they were pictured with.

‘The Trump’s soon showed their metal and it was evident from the word go that these two amazing young men are everything but the “city slickers” you would expect!’ the Hunting Legends site reads.

‘They meant business from the outset of the hunt.’

The tour guide went on to say that they had ‘the precision of a true marksman’.

The brothers justified their actions. On Twitter, Donald Trump Jr said the pictures were: “Not a PR move I didn’t give the pics but I have no shame about them either. I HUNT & EAT game”.

They argued that their actions were justified because they gave the meat to local villagers. “I can assure you it was not wasteful the villagers were so happy for the meat which they don’t often get to eat. Very grateful,” he tweeted to a user.

Oh hello, rich white man mentality. Yuk.

Here’s what their father, Donald Trump, had to say about his sons’ adventures.



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