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lover 300x197 Would you let your partner have sex with someone else?“Reading an earlier post on Great Sex-pectations... I would be really interested to read what the Mama Mia community have to say about sexless marriages.

I realise there are many different definitions of sexless from once a month, to once a year, etc. but I mean a totally and completely sexless marriage because one member can’t, or won’t have sex.

I’m interested to hear whether people think it’s okay for the partner who does want sex to get it elsewhere, with their partner’s permission. For example, I have a friend who because of gynaecological cancer will never have sex again. Ever. She also has no sex drive at all because of countless cancer therapies so she’s not even interested in non-penetrative sex with her husband. While I’m sure we would all like to think our husband would no longer be interested in sex, and/or happy to service himself when the need arose, I don’t think this is a fair, or realistic, expectation of a fit and healthy 30 year old male.

Would the women from the Mama Mia community allow their husband to sleep with someone else if it meant staying married, and otherwise in love?

(Obviously this situation could go the other way as well, with a man unable to have sex but the woman still desiring sexual relationships.)”


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