Welcome to Mamamia’s good news post.

The world can seem pretty bleak sometimes and we’ve decided to create a happy place where you’ll receive nothing but the awesome and lovely things people are doing from around the world.

This week, we bring you Christina Stephens. She’s an amputee and an occupational therapist. And she built herself a prosthetic leg entirely out of LEGO, just because she could. Stephens filmed herself making the LEGO leg – and the video has since been viewed over 945,000 times.

Stephens lost part of her leg earlier this year, but says that she hasn’t let the amputation destroy her sense of humour.

In an interview with  KTVI-FOX 2, Christina said that she made the video because she wants “other people to be comfortable in their own skin and, if they are amputees, to be more comfortable with their limb difference.”

For other good news updates, click through the gallery below. Enjoy!

This is a photo of a couple, John Allen and Linda Alexander, sitting in Starbucks. It's just like any other date, except John is helping Linda to relearn the alphabet. Linda lost much of her memory when she suffered a major stroke and brain damage, and John is determined for her to regain her skills. Six mornings a week, the couple head to Starbucks for a drink and a reading lesson. Fellow customer, Matthew Ballestero, was so moved by this display of love and dedication that he decided to share this image and their story on Reddit. Unsurprisingly, it has touched the hearts of thousands.

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