Wow. Just wow.

When I decided I would march for same-sex marriage, I had no idea it would feel like this. Breathtaking. More than 10,000 people of all stripes and sexual orientations swarmed into Hyde Park North (Sydney) for the marriage equality march. Take a look at the photos I snapped:

It's important to get the signs juuuuust right. My friends and I got to it this morning.

The hope of change to the Labor Party police turned out to be well founded. But there was a massive catch. Labor voted to change the platform to one of support, but still opted to have it put to a conscience vote which means the change isn’t binding and will still (probably) fail.

Of course, hopes will rise again if Tony Abbott lets the opposition have its own conscience vote on the issue.

Will he? The debate continues.

As for the march itself, what an experience. We filled the streets from Hyde Park to Darling Harbour in a seemingly never-ending line of people. As we marched through the city centre and snaked back around, people were still leaving Hyde Park.

Those who weren’t marching but shopping stopped to cheer as we came through, taking photos and generally staring in awe.

I think we made ourselves noticed. Oh yes.

Did you go, take photos? Add them in the comments!

PS: I may have misjudged it, but my sign was meant to be sung to the tune of ‘Ace of Base’. Silly me.

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