Lara, Lara, Lara.

The reality TV star has found herself in Twitter trouble overnight over a comment she made on online. We’re not sure if she posted this picture or just commented on it, but this is the photo and this here’s what she said: “Poverty-stricken but still cool as f**k.”

525798 lara bingle misguided tweet Celeb news: Whats Lara Bingle done now?

This is the image everyone’s talking about.
















The comment and picture have now been removed from her Twitter and Instagram pages.

After the picture was taken down, her management released a comment saying: “In essence, Lara felt the imagery was beautiful, but after reflection and understanding of people’s feedback and comments, Lara decided to pull the image down.”

We’re wondering if this story will make for useful material for Lara’s reality TV show Being Lara Bingle? The show debuted with an audience of almost one million people, but has since dropped by almost 250,000 viewers.

And if you want read a hilarious recap of the show, head here for Em Rusciano’s take.

Lara Bingle and Sam Worthington in Paris



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