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In joyous news for women – and people who respect women – everywhere, Mr Sam Newman has been re-signed to Channel 9 in a new deal worth $3m. Is that 50c for every woman who has found him offensive this year?
According to reports yesterday:

Newman, 62, said yesterday he was ecstatic that he would stay with the Nine Network.

“It will keep me off the dole and save me from getting one of the
cards that give you cheaper fares on the tram,” buoyant Newman said.

Nine Network executive director Jeffrey Browne confirmed he had
reached agreement with Newman over a long-term deal for the
controversial former footballer-cum-opinionated presenter to continue
on The Footy Show.

The Footy Show is an iconic brand and Sam is integral to
its enduring success,” Mr Browne said. “Love him or hate him, Sam is a
must-watch every Thursday night.

“We’re very pleased to come to a new agreement with one of our truly great television stars.”


Truly great television stars? Oh yeah. He’s up there with Skippy. And Fat Cat. And The Freak from Prisoner.

At a time when there are unprecedented budget cuts at Channel 9 and its sister company ACP and when people are losing their jobs at both companies –  loyal, good, decent people –  what wonderful news that someone as committed to offending women as Sam Newman appears to be has retained his job and signed a massive deal like this. Good one.

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