Screen shot 2012 07 11 at 4.41.14 PM 290x377 Female defence force cadets are flabby and smell of fish


Female defence cadets are ” flabby, they smell of fish (and) are easy to get into” according to their male colleagues.

There were exclusive reports from News Limited journalist Tory Shephard yesterday that she had unearthed a guide to ‘cadets language’, which is promoted by the Australian Defence Force Academy Graduates’ Association.

And that guide paints a truly disgusting picture of the culture that has been allowed to fester within the Academy. It reveals extremely sexist, racist and abusive attitudes are not only accepted but promoted amongst the young recruits who will one day represent our nation. reports that:

DLA Piper, the lawyers who carried out the investigation, said the “racist and misogynist” statements in the document were very difficult to reconcile with claims that female cadets were treated with respect.

The LEGOLINGO guide was created in the 1980s but was available to ADFA Graduates’ Association members as DLA Piper were carrying out the review.

The lawyers said it was “possible” that ADFA – the location of the Skype sex scandal – was now entirely healthy, but that “the contemptuous hostility to women (and Asians and Aborigines) expressed in LEGOLINGO represents a significant indicator of abuse risk in the ADF”.
The guide contains a definitions section, which includes things like:

GROGAN: The type of ugly woman who is just better than a THUGLY.

GOOK: An Asian. See CLACK (A CLACK is an Asian person because Claymores (mines) were best used in Vietnam).

BASTARDISATION: The boys having fun. Nothing whatsoever as harrowing as the Press makes out. Simply character building.

Yesterday Defence Minister Stephen Smith released a damning report into abuse allegations within the Australian military. The report is equally as damaging to the reputation of our armed forces, as the revolting graduate’s guide.

And while the report stops short of recommending that a Royal Commission into alleged abuse be conducted, the report does suggest that perpetrators of assaults may now have progressed to senior ranks within our military.

It is now clear that recent allegations of sexual and physical assaults perpetrated on young women within the defence forces, were not isolated. That abuse was widespread and has been ongoing for many years.

The report also found that “from the 1950s through to the early 1980s, many boys aged 13, 14, 15 and 16 years of age in the ADF suffered abuse including serious sexual and other physical abuse”.

Is there any way that such a deeply entrenched sexist culture can be overcome? Are you or do you know any female members of the defence forces? What has been their experience? Would you advise a female friend or relative against entering the defence force?


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