Would you get a tattoo of your kids’ favourite cartoon character?

Your kids are obsessed with a different TV or movie character every week. Which makes it awkward when you went and got a Spiderman tattoo just to please them.

My favourite children’s show was My Little Pony. I loved them. While my sister despised them (particularly as they took up valuable TV watching time), my parents loved them (because it meant I was amused for 30 minutes).

And while my parents showed how much they loved My Little Pony by buying me the figurines, at no point would they tattoo North Star or Wind Whistler or Posey (my favs) to their body.

However, these parents are far more dedicated. They have actually gone ahead and tattooed cartoon characters to their bodies. I’m talking Wolverine from X Men, Spidey, Superman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

CLICK THROUGH this awesome gallery to relive your childhood favourites through parents tattoos:

Would you get a tattoo inspired by your kid’s latest craze?


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