The funniest film titles – when you replace a word with ‘goat’.

Goodbye the next few hours of your life.

We all know thousands of movies and their movie titles. We know the ones we watched from Disney growing up, the ones that taught us a lot throughout our teen years and then the ones we were allowed to watch once we became ‘adults’.

Movies are everywhere. And movie titles are – well just that – the name of a movie. You don’t think much more in to it. But when we discovered a Reddit thread asking what the best film titles were when a word was replaced with goat, we lost most of our afternoon scrolling through the answers in tears of laughter.

But while they were funny, we thought we could do better. So we all got on board and came up with our own list of the funniest film titles that came from replacing a word with ‘goat’.

Warning: you may have to say good bye to the next few hours of your life as you scroll through and play along.

SCROLL THROUGH the gallery to see the hilarity… (Post continues after the gallery)

We know you’re busting at the finger tips to add your own, so go ahead let us know what we missed.


What film title would you add ‘goat’ into?

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