A (hilarious) guide to growing a moustache for Movember

Heads up, ladies: If you like your men facial-hair free, November is not your month. It’s the time each year when a movement known as “Movember” encourages men all over the world to sprout moustaches to raise awareness and funds for men's health initiatives — specifically those related to prostate and testicular cancer.

Getting in on the fun this year is Nick Offerman, who plays Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation (if you haven't watched it you should). To help other men achieve a moustache similar to his own enviable bush, he’s made a video that includes a sort of tutorial for other hopefuls.

"Developing my moustache required years of training," he explains, but those who cannot elicit the help of Tibetan monks and Scottish herders (just watch the video) can summon the moustache gods through manly actions like smelling wood, sweating, eating raw onion…or moving out of their parents’ homes. Point is: Be a man and join the fight! It's easy!

If you know a guy who wants to give it a go, send him to au.movember.com, where he can register, raise funds and get set up to become a walking billboard for important health issues all next month.

Now that’s the kind of lip service we can all get behind.


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