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The mother of a teen dad who ran away with his newborn is vowing to stay by baby’s side.

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The Sydney grandmother of a newborn baby at the centre of a 13-hour police search says she will remain with the infant in hospital pending further decisions by the Department of Family and Community Services.

Fifteen-year-old mum Jenifer Morrison and her boyfriend Jayden Lavender, 14, left Nepean Hospital with baby Aria without being formally discharged about 12.30am on Thursday.

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Jayden’s mother Tracy Lavender said her son knew it was wrong but didn’t want to leave his girlfriend.

“I knew there was nowhere he could turn,” she said.

Ms Lavender said Jenifer had unfairly been told by a social worker she wasn’t able to take Aria home to the Lavenders’ house because of concerns about the risk of domestic violence and drug use.

But she says those concerns related to a foster son who hasn’t lived with the family for six months, accusing the case worker of having “a vendetta” against the teenage mother.

The trio was found at Willmott, in Sydney’s west, on Thursday afternoon after Jayden bought camping equipment and returned to the area where he grew up.

The baby, who was found to be healthy and safe, was taken back to hospital and the teens were interviewed by police. No charges have been laid.

“While she’s in hospital, I’m going to be there by her side,” Ms Lavender said.

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