The Monopoly thimble is no longer a thing and we only have ourselves to blame.

Video by Mamamia

After being skipped around the two-dimensional streets of London since 1935, the famous Monopoly thimble has been nixed.

Yes, the thimble. One of the most iconic playing pieces to have ever graced a board game has gone the way of the iron, the cannon and the rocking horse.

And it’s all our fault.

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After a worldwide vote that attracted four million ballots, the people of the interwebz elected to give thimble the boot (which ironically is also one of the pieces… for some reason).

The game’s makers, Hasbro, have no choice but to honour the result.

We can only assume this tragedy has occurred because the young tech savvy types don’t actually know what a thimble is. I mean, does no one darn socks anymore?

Oh thimble, we hardly knew ye.

All eight current pieces - ship, boot, race car, cat, top hat, Scottie dog, thimble and wheel barrow - were pitted against a catalogue of 56 trendy and equally arbitrary new designs including a rubber duck, a bow tie, a bathtub and sliced bread.


Oh, and a hashtag and winky face emoji. Because modern and relevant.

A few of the thimble's potential replacements. Image: Hasbro.

We don't yet know which of the proposed pieces has knocked the thimble out of the game. That will be revealed Monday at the 2017 New York Toy Fair.

If we had to choose, we'd put our paper money on the roller skates or the penguin.

But after this one, let's just pump the brakes, okay Hasbro? Because if you dare touch the top hat, I swear to God...


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