Michelle Obama (and her arms) star on the cover of US Vogue.

Halle Berry's dress turns Jay Leno into an excitable teenage boy.

Halle Berry's dress turns Jay Leno into...

Michelle Obama's Vogue cover
Michelle Obama and her arms on the cover of Vogue.






1. Not since Jackie O has the United States had a First Lady this utterly fabulous.

Michelle Obama does it all – she presents Academy Awards, she does push-ups on The Ellen Show, and now she’s on the cover of US Vogue. Looking amaze, as always.

Michelle – aka FLOTUS – is pictured on the April 2013 issue in a rocking dress, with a nice green wall and some flowers. We’re not sure what else to say, other than she looks great.


Charlie-Sheen2. Charlie Sheen has removed his nine-year-old daughter Sam from school because of bullying issues. You won’t BELIEVE what he’s urged his Twitter followers to do to her pint-sized tormentor. Click here to be horrified.


3. This is what happens when you diss Justin Bieber on Twitter. Wow.

House star Olivia Wilde felt the wrath of the Beliebers (FYI, that’s the hilarious term used to describe Bieber fans) when she told the Canadian pop star to “keep his shirt on” via Twitter last week.

The actress received over 17,000 hate tweets in response to her post, which said: “Bieber, put your f—ing shirt on (unless you lost all your shirts in a fire in which case my condolences and please purchase a new shirt.)”

What she did next is a little bit heaven. During her appearance on the Tonight show with Jay Leno this week, Olivia read out some of the most vicious tweets she received, which were probably intended to be scathing but are actually ridiculous. Watch the video here:


4. Ryan Gosling has given a teenager the world’s best autograph message. We are swooning! See it here and watch his adorable interview with the girl’s dad

5. Would Picasso approve of what you ate for breakfast this morning?

We hate to break this to you, but if you think “Tiger toast” is a creative use of breakfast foods… you’re horribly mistaken.

Norwegian photographer Ida Skivenes has set the brekky bar sky-high with her series of artistic edible creations.  Using a variety of toppings, Skivenes has transformed the humble piece of toast into a work of art, recreating masterpieces by van Gogh, Picasso and other iconic artists.

After clicking through this gallery, you’ll never view your basic Vegemite-and-cheese combo in the same way.

Lena-Dunham6. Girls star Lena Dunham has posed for Playboy!

See the pics here.  


7. Taylor Swift may be dominating the charts, but it seems her face isn’t so popular.

To be more precise – magazine covers featuring Swift have reported low sales over the past year, compared to covers featuring other celebrities.

Her US Vogue cover sold 329,371 copies, while issues fronted by Lady Gaga and Adele shifted 602,000 and 410,343 copies respectively. Glamour and Harper’s Bazaar also experienced low sales of Swift-covered issues. Ouch.

But it seems she’s in good company – Rihanna’s Vogue cover was the magazine’s second-lowest selling issue of the past year.

Take a look at this gallery of other pop stars who have starred on the cover of top magazines. Which ones do you think were high sellers?

8. Remember Fiat’s hilarious ad campaign featuring a mum rapping about motherhood? Now they’ve released the brilliant dad version. Watch it here.

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