How the heck does Mia Freedman get everything done in a day?

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Do you ever look at another woman and think “how on earth does she do all that?”

You know her, you read her, and so you know Mia Freedman appears to be managing a life doing it all.

But have you ever wondered just how Mia Freedman manages to be across everything?  The woman runs a website, writes for its pages, guest appears on TV, runs 5km a day and still tucks the kids into bed at night.

And. She. Doesn’t. Drink. Coffee.

Hear Mia talk about her morning routine below. (Post continues after audio.)

It’s not peptides. It’s not a team of highly trained super nannies or staffers that are doing it for her either.


On theI Don’t Know How She Does It’ podcast, Mia spills the routines and life hacks that let her get it all done.

Mia, in her brutally honest way, talks about how a routine keeps her happy, the non-negotiable touch points of her day and the things she’s given up or just doesn’t do anymore.


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Hear the full episode of I Don't Know How She Does It below, where Mia reveals how she does it all:

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