Two men experience childbirth, their wives sit nearby drinking coffee.

To finish up the year that was, we’re going to bring you the most popular Mamamia posts of 2013. It’s like a countdown, an advent calendar of sorts, but one that gets your through the post-Christmas blur and into the new year. We’ve been lucky to have some truly wonderful writers join us to share their thoughts on Mamamia this year. This is the very, very best of what they had to offer. Enjoy.

Two men in the US decided to give their wives a Mother’s Day gift they’ll never forget – making the brave decision to experience childbirth in the form of simulated labour pains because well as they put it, “women exaggerate everything”.

Take a look at the video where two men experience childbirth and watch how they quickly renege on that line of thought.

1:05 – The doctor gives the two men “a couple of little contractions”.

1:34 – One of the men says to his wife “don’t touch me right now”.

2:00 – One man hopes the pain level he’s experiencing is a 7… it’s a three.

2:20 – The wives silently high-five each other.


2:55 – The pair admit “that sucked” and “I feel like I really had a baby”.

3:16 – One apologises to his mother, calls her a superhero.

So… that’s how men experience childbirth.



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