MasterChef? I’m just not that into you …




It kills me to write this. KILLS ME. But I’m just not into MasterChef this year.

And this baffles me. I am a MasterChef junkie. For the past two years I’ve keenly (some would say obsessively) watched every episode. I was clickety-clicking on the MasterChef website ALL THE TIME. In season one, I was cheering for Justine. And Sam (remember the lovely Sam?). And Fiona who loved making desserts. And the delightful Poh. When Gary cried happy tears when Julie was announced as the inaugural winner, I was crying with him.  My love for MasterChef knew no bounds. I cooked the recipes. I bought the magazines.  I dressed my dog in a cravat, for pete’s sake. Last year was no different. I sweated with those contestants over every episode and threw my hands up in the air in disgust when Marion was evicted. And when they forgot to name salt and pepper in the taste tests.

And then this year they launched series three and I felt … nothing. Zip. Nada.


I’m not entirely sure why this is. The contestants (from the glimpses I’ve been bothered to watch) seem likeable. And yet … I don’t like them.  Okay, that’s a bit harsh. I just don’t feel anything for them.  And they seem to have changed things on the show. That bugs me too.  Or is it possible that the part of my brain allocated to cooking shows has been filled up with My Kitchen Rules?  I like MKR. But I’m not convinced there wasn’t room in my heart for MasterChef too. And clearly it’s not just me who feels this way. Ratings wise, MasterChef has been regularly out-rated by Australia’s Got Talent. How did THAT happen?

Matthew Le Nevez

So if I’m not into MasterChef, what am I into on the telly? One word: Offspring. God I love that show. I love Asher Keddie. Love the relationship between Billie and Nina. I love Eddie Perfect’s original tunes they so cleverly weave into the storylines.  I always love any show featuring Deborah Mailman. And most of all – right now –  I’m totally loving Dr Patrick Reid.  Possibly in a stalkerish way.  Dr Reid is the new dark, brooding, sexy anaesthetist on the show.  It disturbs me how much I love watching him on screen.   I even googled the actor (Matthew Le Nevez).  I haven’t done that since, well, okay since last season when I googled photos of Don Haney.

I think I need to get out more.

So is MasterChef rocking your world this year?   And what other TV shows are you totally into at the moment?  Have I made a mistake not tuning into Downton Abbey yet?





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