James’ reaction to the rumours that he partner swapped on Married at First Sight.

Haven’t you heard? James and Roni are now dating.

The first season of the controversial show, Married at First Sight finished last night and two out of four couples stayed together. But two didn’t manage to find their happily ever after on the reality TV show, and went their separate ways.

One couple (Michael and Roni) called it quits before the show’s end and another couple (James and Michelle) initially said they’d stay together but ultimately it didn’t work out.

So now, of course the rumour mill is spinning out of control. The show may be over – but the stories about the couples have only just begun.

The latest rumour to be spat out of the mill is that ‘rejected’ James and Roni have now found love – with each other. Apparently it’s a ‘secret romance’ that will shock everyone – even James it seems.

Here’s his reaction to the claims.

Image via @bondiwebby Instagram.

He captioned the above image with, "Who keeps leaking these stories! Haha" and then tagged all of the Married at First Sight contestants in his caption.


The first response was from Roni (the other half of the rumour mill), who said, "It wasn't me babe".

Roni's ex partner who she initially met on the dating show, Michael also responded saying, "How dare you! You could have at least told me when we were out on Saturday night. Haha."

To which James replied, "I wanted to but I didn't want to upset you buddy! I still want to be friends."

Michael and James still seem to be good friends. Image via @alex_garner_ Instagram.

Another former contestant, Clare piped in to the conversation and wrote, "TV editors , magazine editors, cut and paste addicts!!"

And then a former The Block couple, Tim and Anastasia joined the conversation to mockingly say, "All the articles are real."

That's where the conversation ends. With no conclusion.

We're now slightly confused about exactly what is going on with the 'rejected' couples from the marriage experiment show. We definitely hope the rumours are true and Roni and James have found their happily ever after. But we're really not sure what to believe.

C'mon guys, let us in on the secret.

Do you think they're dating?

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