Engagement. Marriage. Commitment. Engagement rings. Words that strike fear into my heart every time they are mentioned.

I’m single and for me, the future only stretches as far as next weekend. Even then, I usually manage to double book myself or have a last minute change of heart about what I want to do.

So it is with a heavy heart and uneasy breathing that I ask – could I really commit myself to one piece of jewelry for the rest of my life?

What if I like silver now but in a few years, will mature into gold? I love a modern funky ring today but will I prefer a classic tomorrow? I knew there were a huge range of rings out there but it wasn’t until the Mamamia team and I went a-hunting that we realised variety went THIS far.

It seems that couples are no longer opting for the ‘traditional’ wedding bands. They’re mixing things up and trying something all bright and shiny and new. Have a look at some of the rings we found:

This $550 "anti-cheating" wedding ring promises to leave an imprint of 'I'm married' on the wearer's finger (thecheeky.com).

Would you wear any of these for the rest of your life? Or do you prefer the more traditional set of wedding rings? If you are married – do you still like your engagement and wedding ring? With the benefit of hindsight, would you make a different choice?

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