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A few years back, I visited a tattoo parlour with an ink-addicted friend, to help him pick out a new design. We were being assisted by a lovely, burly, studded gentleman (who I believe went by the name of ‘Rex’) when another man (who I will refer to as ‘Lovestruck’) walked in with his girlfriend.


Lovestruck: “Excuse me. How much would it cost to get a tattoo with seven letters?”

Rex: “That depends. What’s the word?”

Lovestruck: (Turns to girlfriend) “Can you wait outside for a sec, babe?” (Turns back to Rex, whispers and gestures at girlfriend) “It’s going to be HER NAME!”

Rex: (Unfazed) “You’re going to want to think carefully about that one, mate.”

Lovestruck: “So… how much?”

It might have been a very amusing conversation to witness but that is how love tattoos actually happen. You fall in crazy lust with an amazing person. So you label it as love and suddenly the only way that you can possibly communicate the scale of your passion to the world is to get a GIANT PORTRAIT OF THEIR FACE tattooed across your chest.

Take a flick through our gallery of love tattoos. A couple of them might actually be kind of cute. Others? Not so much.

No distance will conquer the love between these zip codes.

The lesson here? Don’t lust and ink. Ever. Wait until you have been with the person at least twenty-five years. Maybe even more..

If we’ve wet your appetite for all things ink, then you really ought to peruse these celebrity tattoos as well.

Angelina Jolie's back tattoos

Do you have a love tattoo story? Do you have a tattoo yourself? If you were to get a tattoo, what would it be and where would you get it?

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