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Sometimes relationship break ups can be a punish and it takes ages to emerge from the fog, sometimes they end and it’s time to move on to another relationship right away. But how do you know? Mamamia reader Kim* writes:

“Recently (3.5 weeks to be exact) I split with my partner of six and a half years. Now, in my mind our relationship has been over for a long time. We have not had sex in over a year, he is overworked – we just live day to day as housemates and not much more.

A few weeks before I “bit the bullet” – I met someone. At a wedding. Interstate (my home state). This guy was amazing – incredible. Nothing happened – although I would have let it if he had not been such a gentleman and put me in a cab.

We have been in close contact ever since – I have even been to see him, and he has been to see me. We have decided that yes, we would like to be together. In my mind it is not too soon, it’s not a rebound – but to everyone else this is going to sting. This new guy’s opinion is that everyone is entitled to a private life, and not everyone is going to like it, but the people who matter will come around in the end.

What does everyone think?



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