• what to do in Noosa

    Noosa. Still everything it’s cracked up to be. And more.

          I haven’t stayed on Hastings Street, Noosa’s main drag, since my early twenties. Even then, saying, ‘I stayed on Hastings Street,’ is a stretch. My friends and I, in the name of a big night out, would pitch a tent in the campground at the river end of the street (old-timers like [read more]

  • ksjhg

    The most controversial solution to saving a marriage.

                Do you think that by taking a break from your ailing relationship, you can save it? Recently, actress Emma Thompson revealed that she believes every married couple could benefit from a relationship break — so that when they come back together, they can love each other in a better [read more]


    This couple has been married more than 70 times. Wait, what?

            On January 5 this year, Rachael and Roberto got married in a small, lovely ceremony. They exchanged vows again the following day. And the day after that. And the one after that. We’re only three months into 2014 but these lovebirds have already said “I do” over 70 times. By next January, they will have [read more]

  • wedding social media concierge

    The craziest wedding trends of 2014 so far.

    It’s not just about turning your phone off. This year’s weddings are all about pink dresses, BYO engagement rings, and well, the very opposite of invitations… Check it out: 1. Brides paying for their own bling. The men of the world are rejoicing this year because somehow they’ve managed to hand over one of their [read more]

  • nicky wedding

    “I’ve spent almost half of my life with my husband, and I’m still as attracted to him as I ever was.”

          Cameron Diaz, possessor of excellent abs and great hair, has revealed she doesn’t believe in monogamy. I know, Stop. The. World. Let’s all get off. In the grand scheme of things whatever Cameron Diaz is doing in the bedroom doesn’t greatly affect our lives but it’s always fun when a celebrity goes [read more]

  • engagement ring judgement

    “Engagement ring judgement is the only reason I’d be getting a nice thing”.

          “You’re engaged!” we squeal collectively, as if we’re teenage girls again (instead of adult women with jobs, mortgages and insurance plans). Then, sure as night follows day, the procession of hugging and chorus of “I’m so happy for you” quickly subsides as we get the to real point of this exercise: “Show us [read more]

  • bigkev

    14 sex tips we reeeeeally don’t recommend following.

        I used to love the sealed sections in magazines. They just provided the most handy tips (lol puns) for every inexperienced teen out there of what to expect when you finally became old enough to be doing the deed. It’s only when you grow up a little that you realise the advice you’re [read more]

  • Alex McKinnon 2

    Marriage is about both of you. It should never be a solution to your own personal destiny.

      An engagement is always something to be celebrated, right? Everyone loves a wedding. Everyone loves love. But what if that engagement happens for the wrong reason? Or at least, for a questionable reason…. What then? As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning, a friend of mine had shared a picture on her [read more]

  • bride checks phone

    Bride checks her phone during wedding ceremony. No, we’re not joking.

        There’s a wedding ceremony video that’s doing the rounds on the internet at the moment. Yeah, we know, like you haven’t heard that one before. But this video is different. It’s not an outrageous dance routine, or a bridesmaid spat, or the wedding of a centenarian. It’s footage of a bride checking her [read more]

  • why do straight guys have sex with men  1

    This is why straight men sometimes seek out gay sex.

              Here’s a trend that has a lot of people confused. On dating sites and apps there’s a growing new category:  gay men seeking sex with straight men. Or straight men seeking sex with gay men. In America, there are reportedly more than three million men who identify as straight – [read more]

  • still a virgin

    Group therapy: “I’m 28 years old and an accidental virgin.”

          There’s not a lot I wouldn’t tell my closest girlfriends but there’s one thing I’ve been lying by omission about for years. I’m too mortified to let this slip. And too confused about how this situation has transpired. But the thing is: I’m 28 years old, and I’m a virgin. I don’t understand how it [read more]

  • Bec

    BEC: “I still choose you.”

              Sometimes I look at my wedding photo and I don’t recognise the bride smiling back at me. And I suspect she wouldn’t recognise me either. She’s 34. I’m 42. That woman in the photo? She gets eight hours of sleep per night. I average five. She goes to the gym [read more]

  • wedding social media concierge

    Save your dignity and $3250. Do NOT do this at your wedding.

                I’m planning a wedding. And you know what’s right at the top of my list of wedding worries, right above writing my vows? Working out how to live-tweet the event using a personalised wedding hashtag, of course. (Insert heavy, heavy sarcasm.) Seriously, though: apparently there’s a new wedding trend [read more]

  • How to make friends

    How to make new friends as an adult (without being a weirdo).

            In the last month, I have gained a handful of new friends and lost a lot of self-respect. The reason? I have moved cities, houses and started a new job here at Mamamia. This has meant trying my very hardest to hide my weird idiosyncrasies (the ones that my established friends have [read more]

  • the proposal

    She started a website to find a partner. 3 years later, this happened.

            In the shower this morning, I was thinking about how to tell the story of the last three years of my life, and how I got to here. And then it came to me in the voices of George Michael and Aretha Franklin, and the words ‘I knew you were waiting [read more]

  • man doing chores 2

    “I know my place and I am happy to be in it”.

              In the division of labour that occurs within any long term relationship, there is a quiet but brutal skills assessment of each partner. In our case, tasks involving organisation, intelligence and finesse are allocated to my wife Rachel, while jobs which could otherwise be performed by a poorly trained labrador are [read more]

  • how to survive a breakup

    There is no nice way to end a relationship. But there is a better way.

          In a cruel twist of fate, just as my contract with Harper Collins to write my latest book on dating and relationships was finalised, so too was I finalising the end of what had been an incredibly important partnership with a man I had deeply loved. Although I had to end this [read more]

  • bag of childrens clothes

    Checklist: The things you need for a family weekend away.

              I love my family. I really do. My husband, my kids, love them all. Needless to say, I love it when we’re all together. Which, like most families, isn’t often enough, with work commitments, school, kinder, appointments and everything else that life demands. But while I long for weekends which [read more]

  • photo (1)

    Stay-cation: Why more of us are holidaying without even leaving the hotel.

            My son has been complaining lately that we never go on holidays. We are surrounded by families who make a point of travelling at least once a year to an amazing location and enjoying some real family time together, away from the daily grind of work and school and homework. I [read more]

  • bridesmaids thumb

    The 9 stages of being a bridesmaid.

            If you’ve ever donned an awkward-coloured dress and been forced to dance with suited men you’d never met before at an inconvenient rural venue, chances are you’ve been a bridesmaid. If that’s you, we’re sure you can attest to the fact that the whole experience was as emotional as Lupita’s Oscars [read more]

  • Kathy Wilsons family

    How to holiday with kids (and keep your sanity intact).

            Family memories are slippery little suckers. Creating them reminds me of that little kid in the TV advert for tinned spaghetti who spent his whole time chasing pasta around his plate with a plastic fork. The harder you try for one particular one, the less likely you are to get it. [read more]

  • husband is a cross dresser 4

    “When my husband told me he was a cross-dresser, my first instinct was to run”.

                It was quite frightening when my husband told me he was a cross-dresser. My first thoughts were to run away as far as I could. It was still a new relationship, and he told me early on to avoid the type of heartache that broke up his first marriage. He [read more]

  • melissa-wellham-square

    Open Post: What’s going on in your world?

              It’s Open Post day (commonly known by those who don’t read Mamamia as ‘Wednesday’, an archaic and outdated term). For those of you who are new to the game, Open Post is where we throw over to you guys – and in comments you can talk about absolutely anything you [read more]

  • racism in Australia

    For anyone who has to get on a plane this week (and is very very nervous).

            I struggled to get up this morning. Not because I drank coffee after 3pm the day before. Not because I stayed up late chatting with my partner. Not because there was a work meeting I wanted to avoid. Not even because I was getting up to an alarm with a number [read more]

  • university student porn star

    Belle Knox: “Why I did porn to pay my way through university.”

              This is Belle. Belle wrote an anonymous column last month about how she’s paying for her university degree with a part-time career starring in adult films. A male student who attends Duke University in North Carolina, USA, recognised her and threatened to expose her real identity. To take control of her [read more]

  • pippa biddle

    The one time the colour of a white person’s skin is a problem.

          White people aren’t told that the colour of their skin is a problem very often. After six years of working in and traveling through a number of different countries where white people are in the numerical minority, I’ve come to realise that there is one place being white is not only a [read more]

  • elizabeth gilbert

    The best advice for women who want to be successful? Marry for money, of course.

            Some could say that Cinderella has a lot to answer for. Presumably her life was pretty sweet after her handsome (and wealthy) Prince finally tracked her down via a very dubious method of confirmation (I mean, come on, you mean to tell me that there weren’t at least 100 other girls [read more]

  • Destination wedding

    Group therapy: “I can’t afford to go to my best friend’s wedding.”

                My best friend has decided to have a destination wedding and I can’t afford to go. I am so disappointed and I’m also dreading telling her that I won’t be there. She and her fiancé have chosen to get married in Fiji. They want to merge their wedding and [read more]

  • Black Kia Carnival

    Dating as a single mum: “He got in the car and sat on a cheeseburger pickle.”

    I currently drive a 2009 Kia Grand Carnival. It’s a beautiful car, and can hold eight people, has five anchor points for child restraints, side curtain airbags and a five star safety rating. I have named her Black Betty, but let’s face it, she’s hardly sex on wheels.

  • improve your marriage

    Why I stopped rolling my eyes at my husband.

                First, some quick back story. My husband and I run a business together …  I hate meetings … and it really annoys him how bad (read: unprofessional) I am when it comes to meetings. So … The other day we were in a staff meeting. And after roughly 15 [read more]