• where to find love

    Three Mamamia readers on how they met their loves.

            People travel far to look for love. But sometimes the best love stories come from romances grown on home soil. Sometimes your soul mate is sitting next to you in primary school, or they’re at your high school reunion. People go far to find love, so it’s pretty amazing when you find [read more]

  • going-without-sex

    “My wife and I gave up on sex”.

    Disclaimer: I am not a professional. This is not advice. This is me talking about my experiences, what works and what doesn’t for me, my family, in our situation. What works for us may not work for you – because we are different, which is cool. If you want to tell me why I am wrong, or right, or [read more]

  • .

    Would you travel in a country where police take 12 hrs to answer an emergency call?

            TRIGGER WARNING: This article deals with an account of rape/sexual assault and may be triggering for survivors of abuse. When the Delhi metro pulled into the station on my first morning in India and it became apparent that it was not only shoulder-to-shoulder crowded, but with mostly men, dread washed over [read more]

  • patrick swayze in ghost

    There’s a name for those men who take you on 3 dates and then never call again.

          I was dating a guy for a while, and it seemed to be clicking along nicely. He talked about long-term stuff, he told his friends about me, he even introduced me to his sister. And then he got abducted by aliens. Or fell off a cliff. Or died in frozen aisle of [read more]

  • bride baby wedding dress

    The bride who tied her newborn baby to the train of her dress + walked down the aisle.

      Any bride who’s already a mum has faced the tricky question of how best to include their kids in the ceremony. As junior bridesmaids, perhaps? As tiny ringbearers? For one mum in the US, there was only one solution: to affix her newborn child to the train of her wedding gown — and literally drag the [read more]

  • things to do in abu dhabi

    Two hours in an airport is not a stopover. THIS is a stopover.

      It is with great shame I admit that I was a tad concerned that Abu Dhabi and I would not be compatible. As an outspoken feminist who loves a wine or two, I believed I would find the culture confining and confronting. What a silly woman I was. And what a fantastic experience I [read more]

  • engagement

    “The one thing that changed when I got engaged.”

          Up until four months ago, the world greeted me each morning with a smile, a high-five and a free coffee. Well, not always, literally, but it certainly sometimes felt like that. You see, when you’re an unattached woman living in a city full of single men, the invitations to parties are plentiful. The queues at [read more]

  • kim kanye wedding questions

    Getting married again. And again. And again. Is that okay?

            What would you call a woman who’s been married three times before she’s 40? Impulsive? Opportunistic? Unlucky? Careless? Optimistic?  Brave? A hopeless romantic? Kim Kardashian has just been married for the third time. She’s 33. That’s a lot. How did she fit it in? She’s pretty much been married every few years [read more]

  • Dirty Girls 4x4

    “After 10 years driving a 4WD, I learned how to drive it off-road.”

            There is a thing called Four Wheel Drive-ism. It’s an inherent disapproval, dislike, or even hatred, of WLM (Women Like Me) who drive biggish four wheel drive vehicles around suburban streets and not up and down sandhills and random rocky outcrops. Personally, I don’t really care what people think of my [read more]

  • ethical wedding

    Wedding ideas that will save the world (and your bank account).

    Getting hitched? We take a look at ways you can have the day of your dreams AND help people around the world. 1. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend More and more jewellers around the world are adopting a zero tolerance policy towards blood diamonds that help fund civil wars and other atrocities. Check out Tiffany and Zoara. Want to [read more]

  • jean kittson

    Jean Kittson: “A woman’s libido is complex. It can go for all sorts of reasons.”

              There are many influences on a woman’s sex drive. Remember when sex drive meant in the back of the car, parked behind the shower block, on the way to the beach? Remember youthful sex drive at all? I have people to do that for me now. I sit on the [read more]

  • types of wedding photography

    11 types of wedding photos every married couple has in their album.

        No newlywed sets out to take photos like these. And yet, somehow – through the coercion of a fancy photographer with a glossy book full of happy, married couples – they all find themselves smooshing cake into their partner’s face for the camera. These are the 11 types of wedding photos that every [read more]

  • meeting your husband

    “The relationship advice I never expected from a nun.”

          When I met the love of my life I was 22, innocent, naive and totally clueless when it came to relationships. I’m not exaggerating. I had lived at home all my life and I had very strong opinions on who I wanted to marry. He’d be a year or two older than [read more]

  • Tupperware parties

    “The night Mum died was both surreal and yet, perfectly expected.”

            The night Mum died was both surreal and yet, perfectly expected. I’m not really sure that can make sense unless you’ve watched someone actually stop being right there in front of you. It’s both terrifying and also, an unbelievable privilege. My Mum died of cancer. It took hold of her suddenly, savagely and left us without [read more]

  • graceben1

    This is how I fell in love with my neighbour… Halfway across the world.

          People will travel a hell of a long way for romance – so it’s pretty amazing when you find it in your own backyard. A dreadlocked, kaftan-clad backpacker once followed me all the way from New York to declare his unwavering affection (which proved less than unwavering when he actually had to pay rent). More feasibly, [read more]

  • break up letter

    This is how all relationship breakups should happen.

      Ever hung around too long in a relationship, waiting for the guy to start treating you right? Well, primary-schooler Rachel knows what that’s like. After three months waiting for her boyfriend, Shawn, to to talk to her, she figured it was finally time for him to “git it together” – and wrote him a letter [read more]

  • 4 the toilet roll fight

    The 10 fights every couple has – and how to stop having them.

      Here are the 10 fights every couple have. Sound familiar? We’re sure it won’t come as a surprise to you that you and your partner have the same fights over and over again, like you’re on some kind of recurring loop. Here are the 10 most common fights married couples have, and some words of [read more]

  • what to do in Noosa

    Noosa. Still everything it’s cracked up to be. And more.

          I haven’t stayed on Hastings Street, Noosa’s main drag, since my early twenties. Even then, saying, ‘I stayed on Hastings Street,’ is a stretch. My friends and I, in the name of a big night out, would pitch a tent in the campground at the river end of the street (old-timers like [read more]

  • marriage sabbatical

    The most controversial solution to saving a marriage.

                Do you think that by taking a break from your ailing relationship, you can save it? Recently, actress Emma Thompson revealed that she believes every married couple could benefit from a relationship break — so that when they come back together, they can love each other in a better [read more]


    This couple has been married more than 70 times. Wait, what?

            On January 5 this year, Rachael and Roberto got married in a small, lovely ceremony. They exchanged vows again the following day. And the day after that. And the one after that. We’re only three months into 2014 but these lovebirds have already said “I do” over 70 times. By next January, they will have [read more]

  • wedding social media concierge

    The craziest wedding trends of 2014 so far.

    It’s not just about turning your phone off. This year’s weddings are all about pink dresses, BYO engagement rings, and well, the very opposite of invitations… Check it out: 1. Brides paying for their own bling. The men of the world are rejoicing this year because somehow they’ve managed to hand over one of their [read more]

  • nicky wedding

    “I’ve spent almost half of my life with my husband, and I’m still as attracted to him as I ever was.”

          Cameron Diaz, possessor of excellent abs and great hair, has revealed she doesn’t believe in monogamy. I know, Stop. The. World. Let’s all get off. In the grand scheme of things whatever Cameron Diaz is doing in the bedroom doesn’t greatly affect our lives but it’s always fun when a celebrity goes [read more]

  • engagement ring judgement

    “Engagement ring judgement is the only reason I’d be getting a nice thing”.

          “You’re engaged!” we squeal collectively, as if we’re teenage girls again (instead of adult women with jobs, mortgages and insurance plans). Then, sure as night follows day, the procession of hugging and chorus of “I’m so happy for you” quickly subsides as we get the to real point of this exercise: “Show us [read more]

  • bigkev

    14 sex tips we reeeeeally don’t recommend following.

        I used to love the sealed sections in magazines. They just provided the most handy tips (lol puns) for every inexperienced teen out there of what to expect when you finally became old enough to be doing the deed. It’s only when you grow up a little that you realise the advice you’re [read more]

  • Alex McKinnon 2

    Marriage is about both of you. It should never be a solution to your own personal destiny.

      An engagement is always something to be celebrated, right? Everyone loves a wedding. Everyone loves love. But what if that engagement happens for the wrong reason? Or at least, for a questionable reason…. What then? As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning, a friend of mine had shared a picture on her [read more]

  • bride checks phone

    Bride checks her phone during wedding ceremony. No, we’re not joking.

        There’s a wedding ceremony video that’s doing the rounds on the internet at the moment. Yeah, we know, like you haven’t heard that one before. But this video is different. It’s not an outrageous dance routine, or a bridesmaid spat, or the wedding of a centenarian. It’s footage of a bride checking her [read more]

  • why do straight guys have sex with men  1

    This is why straight men sometimes seek out gay sex.

              Here’s a trend that has a lot of people confused. On dating sites and apps there’s a growing new category:  gay men seeking sex with straight men. Or straight men seeking sex with gay men. In America, there are reportedly more than three million men who identify as straight – [read more]

  • still a virgin

    Group therapy: “I’m 28 years old and an accidental virgin.”

          There’s not a lot I wouldn’t tell my closest girlfriends but there’s one thing I’ve been lying by omission about for years. I’m too mortified to let this slip. And too confused about how this situation has transpired. But the thing is: I’m 28 years old, and I’m a virgin. I don’t understand how it [read more]

  • Bec

    BEC: “I still choose you.”

              Sometimes I look at my wedding photo and I don’t recognise the bride smiling back at me. And I suspect she wouldn’t recognise me either. She’s 34. I’m 42. That woman in the photo? She gets eight hours of sleep per night. I average five. She goes to the gym [read more]

  • wedding social media concierge

    Save your dignity and $3250. Do NOT do this at your wedding.

                I’m planning a wedding. And you know what’s right at the top of my list of wedding worries, right above writing my vows? Working out how to live-tweet the event using a personalised wedding hashtag, of course. (Insert heavy, heavy sarcasm.) Seriously, though: apparently there’s a new wedding trend [read more]