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    The 7 very real struggles of living with Resting Nice Face.

            You’ve heard of Bitchy Resting Face (BRF). It’s a condition that causes your facial features to fall into an unapproachable expression, or “bitch face”. Something like this: Or this:   But there’s a lesser known, more invasive condition affecting millions of sweet-cheeked people around the world. It’s called Resting Nice Face. Those of us [read more]

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    Last-minute Christmas gift ideas for less than $50.

              There’s nothing better than to see the joy on someone’s face when you’ve bought them a present they absolutely love. There’s nothing worse than realising you don’t have a present for someone and you’re desperately short of time. I recently dropped in to Big W with a $50 voucher in [read more]

  • Julia Gillard Jamila Rizvi

    7 inspiring women who turned the world on its head.

            Success is a spectrum and for me, achieving it is not just about money and it certainly isn’t about having it all. I want my kids to grow up in a household where they see a successful mother who chases her dreams and her curiosity and makes time for everything that [read more]

  • long distance relationships

    Giving the middle finger to anyone who says your long distance relationship won’t last.

      “If you loved him you wouldn’t move” “I was in a long distance relationship once. He cheated on me.” “You’re hardly going to stay together when you live in separate states”. When I announced I was moving states for work and leaving my partner behind, these were the most common responses I’d get. Offensive, [read more]

  • fghjk

    The real children of porn: What it’s really like for the kids of adult film stars.

              Reddit user ‘ToFat2Fish’ nearly broke the internet this week when he posted the following question: “Children of porn stars. How has this affected you growing up?” And there definitely was no shortage of answers, with 3897 people responding to the thread within 48 hours. But it wasn’t the number of [read more]

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    VIRAL: The Christmas hack that will save you hours. Seriously.

          When it comes to wrapping Christmas presents, it’s the last thing you think of and the first thing they see. But if you’re anything like us, it’s the last thing you want to be doing on Christmas Eve or in the final two minutes before you leave for a Christmas party. Most of [read more]

  • shopp

    Practical things you didn’t know you could buy online.

            Once upon a time (yes, I am deliberately starting this as if it is a fairy tale because it was so long ago now…) I would spend days upon days wandering through stores looking for things that took my fancy. Sometimes I would spend those days madly rushing around looking for [read more]

  • before-aleksandra-pieczek

    Beautiful people dating site gives ugly people makeovers.

    BeautifulPeople.com began a noble campaign some months ago: To maker the world a hotter place one ugly person at a time. The dating website exclusively for beautiful people started offering makeovers to the people they deemed unworthy of their affections. Ridiculous as that sounds, thousands and thousands of people applied to get beauty, exercise, and diet coaching [read more]

  • Working from home.

    Type As: These 6 brilliant programs will change your life.

          Working from home, even part of the time, presents some unique challenges. I work from home every day and my husband works from home whenever he isn’t in the office, which is fairly regularly. So clearly, having a brilliant home set up is essential for us. You need to have the right [read more]

  • face

    Quick and easy lunch ideas we guarantee your kids will love.

              You could be driven insane by fussy children and what they will and won’t eat for lunch. Do all kids change their preferences so suddenly and as dramatically as mine do? It seems like as soon I come up with a few lunch ideas that they love and that are [read more]

  • dancing girl FB

    This little girl’s dancing will make your day.

                Happiness is infectious. And this is Exhibit A. Love or hate buskers, they are a unique part of city life. Sure, they can be a bit hit and miss. But sometimes they are such a hit that you can’t help but dance. This little girl met some buskers in a [read more]

  • meg and georgie recent

    “Yes, I ride a motorbike. And yes, I’m a woman.”

            “Oh… you ride a motorbike?” That sentence – accompanied by the raising of eyebrows and a thinly-veiled expression of judgement – is invariably the response I face when people find out about this pastime of mine. People also throw around words like “butch” and “masculine” when they hear of my motorbike, [read more]

  • Claire Hooper 1

    New mums, you probably think it’s impossible but you couldn’t be more wrong.

              People want to believe they’re invincible. New mums included. They want to believe they can conquer anything. And why shouldn’t they? They’ve been through labour, people. Let’s just remember that. They’ve brought a new life in to the world. But that doesn’t mean their achievements have to stop there. And comedian Claire Hooper, [read more]

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    Here are 23 of the best inspirational quote fails.

            When times get tough, I tend to turn into a perky cheerleader version of myself. When I’m having a bad day, I quote Winston Churchill’s “Never, never, never give up” to myself like a mantra and it really does help. But then there are times that I start flinging around inspirational quotes [read more]

  • A good weekend is when the whole family can do something together and look forward to it!

    A Christmas list to prove the best things in life aren’t ‘things’.

              The decorations have spoken. If you’re anything like me, this exact week is the time of year you begin to think: “I really should start organising my Christmas presents.” Cut to Christmas Eve though and there’s me, rocking back and forth in the corner of the bathroom, wondering if my [read more]

  • Christmas

    Your Christmas shopping sorted with this online bargain gift guide.

              By JACQUI PORTER Ok, so I don’t know about you, but every year the department store Christmas decorations go up earlier and earlier, and my anxiety levels inch higher and higher. What’s not to love about trailing around a store with two overtired kids and armfuls of junk you’ve paid [read more]

  • Georgina Sutton

    Today we’re fist-pumping for the first Australian woman to ever do this job.

            Our first reaction to the news that Jetstar had promoted the first female chief pilot in the history of Australia was a distinct, “what!? We don’t already have one?” No, we didn’t. Not until now. Captain Georgina Sutton, who will replace Captain Mark Rindfleish from February 2015, was already the highest-ever ranked [read more]

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    Just do it: 6 practical tips to stop procrastination.

              All this time you thought you were the king or queen of procrastination. Oh no, my friends – that crown belongs to me. I am an expert procrastinator, which makes it very difficult to have a job where deadlines are crucial and inflexible. Add to that the challenges of running [read more]

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    Let’s be very clear on something: this is NOT a Christmas tree.

        Let’s be clear on something: this is NOT a Christmas tree: Image via Cathy Jubb. It’s sticks. Just sticks. Some of it used to be a tree, but now it’s sticks. And all over the country, versions of these “Christmas trees” are taking up temporary residence in uber-stylish living rooms, because an actual [read more]

  • He told me his fantasy was a threesome.

    Sex confession: For Jenny, an open marriage was the key to living happily ever after.

      This post was first published on YourTango.com. I was 17 when my sexual education began. “You are responsible for your own orgasm,” my boyfriend told me. He was the guy I lost my virginity to, the guy I had my first orgasm with, and the guy whose words would one day become my mantra: I [read more]

  • what it's like to be single

    “Single” is a relationship status in its own right. Not a waiting period.

              Being single is a bit like wearing Crocs in public. Strangers judge you, family members think you’ve given up or let yourself go, and society in general wants you to feel embarrassed about your bold personal choice. But I’m not embarrassed. I refuse to be. Being single is liberating, sexy, confronting, and awesome. [read more]

  • universal shopping spree

    What are Black Friday Sales, and why should I care?

            I’m about to leave on holidays to the US and all my friends are crazy-jealous about my upcoming shopping holiday. I tried to convince myself it wasn’t going to BE a shopping holiday, but then I realised I would be in New York for Black Friday and every sightseeing plan I [read more]

  • lanterns

    Decorate your tree (and house) for less than $50 this Christmas.

            I love Christmas so much that I pretty much spend the entire year counting down until I can start putting decorations up. I think early November is perfectly reasonable, don’t you? Okay, you’re not the only one who thinks I put my Christmas decorations up too early. However, in my defence, [read more]

  • Gelato

    This is what it’s like to be overweight in public.

    In 2010 a photographer named Haley Morris-Cafiero set up a camera to take a self-portrait in Times Square. She isn’t the first person to take a picture of herself in the iconic location nor will she be the last, but something about this picture was different. Haley captured an attitude, written on the face of [read more]

  • AA038389

    8 conversations to shake up your next dinner party.

              By JACQUI PORTER Well, the party season is almost upon us (happy dance!) Prepare yourself for masses of good food, yummy wine and catching up with friends. But what happens if you’re at a party where the guests don’t know each other that well and the convo is, well, a [read more]

  • family after birth

    Sex in the delivery room: Yes it happens, and more regularly than you’d think.

    A cleaner in a Bristol hospital complained to her bosses after walking in on a heavily pregnant woman having sex with her partner on the ward, while waiting to have her baby induced. As you do. The worker decided to investigate when she heard moaning coming from the woman’s room and was surprised to discover [read more]

  • nat feat book

    DIY New Years: How to host your own party.

                By NAT HAWK Go ahead and call me a fun sponge – but there is nothing I dislike more than venturing out of my house on New Years Eve. I live in Sydney. The beaches are crowded, the parks are packed and at New Years, the city reaches a [read more]

  • Your Christmas shopping sorted – in less than 24 hours.

          How often have you found yourself killing time by scrolling through Facebook and Instagram when faced with a few spare minutes of downtime? Pretty often, we bet. It’s no surprise that Australians spend hours researching and planning for Christmas, and according to new research, we spend five times more hours planning than [read more]

  • rubbish bin can icon

    Australians are consuming between 2.5 and 3 million of these each day.

              By LISA MITCHELL                                     Who isn’t addicted to coffee pods these days? Those little devices are everywhere, and it’s not hard to figure out why – we’re leading incredibly busy lives, and while [read more]

  • The Snow Camo.

    “This is what I did with my ex-wife’s wedding dress.”

      By KEVIN COTTER One year ago, my book, 101 Uses For My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress, was published. It is a combination of photographs of odd uses for a wedding dress and my story of getting through a really challenging time in my life. I got the idea to start a blog when I inherited my ex-wife’s [read more]