men dont understand women 8 questions most men cant answer about their partners

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Alright, we have a challenge for you. If there’s a man in your life, ask him the following questions:

1. “What’s my bra size?”

2. “What’s my dress size?”

3. “What’s my favourite perfume?”

4. “What’s my favourite clothes shop?”

5. “Where did I go to school?”

6. “Can you describe the day we met?”

7. “What’s my favourite film?”

8. “Do I suffer from any allergies?”

So how did that go? You may not even need to actually ask him those questions to have a fair idea of how he might respond – or be unable to respond.  But wait. The man who knows all the answers is rare. He may even be extinct.

According to media reports:

clueless men box 8 questions most men cant answer about their partners

Anything that involves dates causes major problems, with a third of the men surveyed confessing to being unable to remember the day they met their wife or girlfriend.

20 per cent of men had no idea what their partner’s best friend is called and the same number admitted that they didn’t know whether their significant other suffered from allergies.

Shoe size, middle name and favourite song or film also baffled the majority of male respondents.


It’s such a cheesy cliché isn’t it? … The bloke in the lingerie department, gesturing to the sales assistant the approximate size of his wife’s breasts…The chill on Christmas day because he bought you the perfume his mother wears.

Cheesy, yes. Cliche, most definitely. But also true? Has it been true in relationships you’ve been in or are in now?



What basic questions could the men in your life not be able to answer about you?

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