A former Bachelor contestant is set to enter the I’m a Celebrity jungle.

Video by MWN

In news that isn’t breaking and is, actually, rather inevitable, former Bachelor contestant Keira Maguire has decided she will add another Channel 10 reality TV show to her resume by being the latest star to enter the I’m a Celebrity jungle.

In announcing the news on Facebook, The Bachelor released a video of the former contestant who very humbly declared her presence in the South African jungle as “just what it needs”.

“I will bring to the camp a lot of fun, happiness and maybe a little bit of controversy. I don’t know, we will see what’s happening on the day,” the 31-year-old added.


Which is naturally a not-very-subtle-code that of course she will stir up the others, because that’s precisely what’s she is paid to do.

“If I don’t like someone, I’m obviously not shy, I’ll say something. We will see how people react to my outspoken ways,” she said.

More than that, Maguire added that she can already foresee herself clashing with Ash Pollard, because of course there can’t be more than one, blonde, reality TV star chasing the same kind of fame.

“I’m probably going to clash with Ash. As a watcher, I really like her. But as someone going in, we might have different opinions and not get along very well,” she said.


Adding that she can see herself getting along with Kris Smith the best, Maguire says she “can’t wait to get under their skin”.

Here’s hoping Steve Price remembers who she is.

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