The moment Karl Stefanovic found out he won’t be making his big Hollywood debut.

Video via Channel 9

No one was more excited about Karl Stefanovic‘s big Hollywood debut than the Today show host himself.

Our Karl managed to land a speaking part in the upcoming sequel to Independence DayIndependence Day: Resurgence, which is due out in the middle of this year.

It was an ambitious role as an Australian “dodgy TV host” but unfortunately we’ll never get to see it because it’s now lying on the cutting room floor.

What could have been *sigh*:

The news was broken to Karl by the film’s director Roland Emmerich (with a little help from Jeff Goldblum) on the Today show this morning.


“Yes, he played one of the reporters, in a scene… and, but unfortunately we had to cut that scene,” Emmerich said when asked about Karl’s performance.

“The movie was too long, it happens all the time.”

Karl was visibly upset by the news and feigned tears as the pair tried in vain to comfort him.

“I see big things in your future,” Goldblum said.

“As they say in the film business, sh*t happens,” Emmerich added.

Goldblum also said he thought Karl did such a stellar job he might even make the extended edition… on Blu-Ray:

“Those outtakes are going to be priceless.”

ICYMI you can watch the trailer here:


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