Exclusive: Prime Minister Julia Gillard answers your education questions

Pamela Stephenson is 60 and has surgery 'to be a babe'.

Pamela Stephenson is 60 and has surgery...

It’s almost impossible to think back to your days at school without remembering the moments that really changed and shaped your life.  Your school environment, your friends and of course your teachers

The influence of a great teacher starts in the classroom when a passionate teacher shares their knowledge, when learning becomes fun, where creativity is fostered and the foundations for a limitless future is created.

In order to highlight the important role that teachers play the Prime Minister Julia Gillard is encouraging people all over Australia to nominate their favourite teacher of all time and post an online message of support.

The aim of the campaign has been to create conversation about the inspirational role that high quality teachers play in students’ lives and so far it’s a huge success. (For some inspiration just check out the outstanding submissions on the Prime Minister’s Facebook page here.)

Under the Government’s National Plan for School Improvement they are looking to get Australian schools back in the top 5 schooling systems in the world by 2025. They know that great teachers are the key to getting there.

And we were thrilled to have Julia Gillard here on iVillage today to talk about this campaign, to answer your questions about schools and education and the importance of great teachers.

Miss Gillard was online this morning to answer your questions. Unfortunately she was not able to spend all day here (as much as we wished she could have) but she got through as many of your questions as she could.

Thank you for taking part.

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