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I found a picture of myself the other day. I mean, like a real, hold in your hand, probably had to wait two days for it to get processed, accidentally spill water on it and it’s ruined, genuine printed on paper, photograph. It was of me, in a bikini taken down at the beach.  I would have been no older than 18. I looked so carefree. I was pretty, wrinkle free and well, young.  And yet, I distinctly remember at the time that I couldn’t have disliked my body more.  I was obsessed with exercise, eating little and socially awkward due to my perceived  “fat” body.

Fast forward 20 years and it’s the old adage, if only I knew then what I know now.  I should have embraced my genetic luck because after three babies, my luck kind of ran out.

At almost 37 years of age and three babies, my body has been stretched, torn (don’t dwell on why) managed to grow some AMAZING boobs, (only to have them cruelly snatched away), developed an unreasonably large backside, shrunk and generally changed shape more times than I care to remember.

I struggle to talk about what I love about my body. How does one write something like that without sounding totally into themselves? I’ve never actually sat down to positively acknowledge any part of my body before. I mean, I know the bits I’m not particularly fond of. The mole on my chin that seems to grow a single, solitary gigantic black hair at an alarming rate, yeah that rates high on my list of ‘don’t like so much’.  I once would have told you my belly button was a bit of a fave, but since it’s been inside out three times, it looks more like an upside down smiley face and is now rather unattractive.

So what then,  do I love about my body? Well, I love that my body has afforded me the luxury to not only carry, but birth three children. That it has remained healthy thus far.  Oh, and if I can be totally self- indulgent for a moment, I like my nose. I think it’s the one part of me that doesn’t quite fit right, yet it distinguishes me.

If I’m honest, I like my body a lot more than I did all those years ago, when I was a young, pretty girl on the beach in a bikini. At 37, I’m much older, have many more wrinkles, lumps, bumps and I’ll be honest, pretty creepy feet, yet I’m so much happier than I was way back then. Because I’ve attained the one thing I couldn’t at the time – self- esteem.


For the body like mine, that changes shape and sometimes needs a little, er help I’m pretty grateful when I hear about jeans that are made to fit the body that lives as much as mine. The new Speciality Denim range from Jeanswest.has every angle covered with the Buttlifter,the Curve Embracer,  a range of maternity jeans, men’s long and extra long jeans, short and petite jeans, tummy trimmer jeans and women’s long and extra long jeans.

Tall, short, pregnant, post baby, big or small, they have the perfect jean design for you. Designed to give you confidence. Check out the details on the Jeanswest site here.

And the best news of all? Jeanswest are giving away 20 pairs of their Speciality Denim range.

Just tell us what you love about your body. The 20 comments with the most thumbs up will win a pair of jeans of their choice.

You have to be a Mamamia Member to win (you can sign up here if you haven’t already). The winners will be contacted after the competition closes on Thursday 26 April  at 5pm AEST.

This competition is now closed.

So what do you love about your body and why?

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