I’ve spent too much time looking at boobies these past 48 hours…..

Yesterday, I crashed my computer trying to see the Lara Bingle topless shot on German GQ’s website. After Australian sites published links, apparently half the servers in Germany crashed with the Australian traffic. Oh we do love our Bingle.

If you want to see them, go here.

If Lindsay Lohan’s boobs are more your thing, go here.

Looks like Li-Lo has had a good wax also which is important when, you know, you’re nude on the internet. Remember that next time you go nude on the internet, ‘kay?

Me? i’ve seen both and I must say the good news is that all four boobs are real. That’s one for feminism! Am I the only straight woman who likes looking at other women’s breasts? Not in a sexual way, it’s more of a compare-and-contrast thing.

Click below to see the Lindsay cover and a shot comparing her to the original Marilyn shot (her pictures were a ‘tribute’ alright? this is totally different to a publicity stunt. Like, totally.).

Lindsay Lohan New York Magazine Cover Marlyn Monroe Style


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