Sex 300 times a year. Too much or not enough?

Couple with calendar - how often do people have sex
Sex 300 times a year. That like… almost every day…

You’re newly single, slightly nervous and back on the dating scene.

That’s exactly the situation Marcy Miller was in when she broke up with her husband and found herself – reluctantly – back ‘out there’ as an over 50s single woman.

But what happened next was a little confronting.

Marcy met a man in his 60s – Fred – who made it clear that any woman he dates is expected to have sex with him 300 times a year.


In the words of Debbie and Sue from Puberty Blues: What are you? A deadset rooting machine?

Marcy wrote a column about her dates with Fred in a column on Huffington Post:


I was fixed up with a man who was promised to be the “catch of the century.” Fred called and asked me out for a casual dinner the following night. He was over sixty, tall, fit, intelligent and interesting. We talked about restaurants, art, travel, movies and I felt that there was a connection and chemistry.

When I returned home, the phone was already ringing. Fred was calling to ask me for three more dates; I was available for two. Our second date was at a romantic piano bar and was equally as pleasant as the first. I was relaxed and enjoyed the good conversation and the flirting.

Our third date was a Saturday night dinner at a beautiful romantic garden restaurant. Over spaghetti bolognese, he casually asked if I liked sex. I was caught off-guard — it was such a random question in the context of our light banter — but I replied with a non-committal, “Sure, why?”

He explained that he loved sex, and that when in a relationship, he expected to have sex 300 times a year. This was why he had recently broken up with his fiancee. I was flabbergasted. Did he keep a running count and post it on his refrigerator? Was this an exaggeration, the lies of a braggart, or the words of a man with a truly voracious sexual appetite? Was this the new dating norm?

You can read Marcy’s full post here. For the record, she told him and his schlong to hit the road.

We can’t say we blame her.

I think we can all agree that everybody’s sex life is completely different.  But still, 300 times a year does seem kinda a lot. Anyone?

So what do you think? Is having sex 300 times a year realistic? Possible? Desirable? And how often do people have sex – can you put an annual number on your sex life?


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