I just watched Amy Winehouse smoke crack. A low point for me. For her? Just a regular day.

I’ve never understood how crack works. I still don’t really (if you are curious, you can see Amy and her crack pipe-thingy here). This is probably not a bad thing. I’ve always hated bongs and pipes and all those things. Probably because every boyfriend I had until age 23 had his own bong. And there is not a single sexy thing about a bong. But Amy? Oh man. It’s like Amy and Britney are in some tragic duelling match to see who can crash and burn most publicly and most spectacularly.
Remember back when Bennifer – the high octane celebrity couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez – were on the cover of every gossip mag every week?
My my….weren’t they innocent times! The most outrageous thing they did was nuzzle too much on too many red carpets and make a really bad movie together. Now it’s all menstrual blood and crack pipes and mental institutions and head shaving. Makes you kinda nostalgic for those innocent times of Bennifer and their over exposure on the red carpet. At least we never had to look at pictures of J-Lo’s vagina. That girl always kept her legs closed and her lip gloss neat. Quaint.

Do you think it’s wrong to look at these pics of Amy and Britney in their moments of tragicness? Or are you as weak as me when it comes to watching the train wrecks?


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