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Apple Pie is high on the list of my top ten favourite things to eat. As is my Mum’s Tomato Pasta Sauce. But give me a washed and chopped Granny Smith or Pink Lady and you’re likely to see my dry retch. Ditto for apple juice, or raw tomato. Vomatron-central.

My daughter is like this with bread. Fresh out of the bakery? She won’t touch it with a ten foot pole. But a stale, dry roll? Can’t wolf it down quick enough. What the?!

People can be very strange when it comes to food can’t they? Or is it just my family? Tell me it’s not! Below are a few examples of mine and a few of my nearest and dearest’s personal double standards, when it comes to food. I would love to hear yours!

1. Cooked vs Raw

I can think of about 5 billion foods that are SO much better when they are cooked. Apple and Tomato as mentioned above are the first two that come into my head. But there’s also carrot, capsicum, cabbage, pear, onion. I could go on.

2. Add it to Alcohol

Many people that I know will inhale a kebab, an entire pizza, McDonalds, Pluto Pups and a large variety of other fast foods like they are going out of fashion after a few (read: too many) alcoholic beverages, yet they wouldn’t DREAM of touching them sober.

Apple pie
Do you eat Apple but not Apple Pie?

3. Dipped in Chocolate

One of my best mates will ONLY have cheesecake in America. Why? Because she will only eat it off a stick after it’s been dipped in chocolate, and that’s not readily available here in the land of Oz. Thank goodness!

My cousin has this philosophy with fruit. Strawberries, bananas, figs, and plenty of others make her gag. Dipped in chocolate? She’s downing them like it’s nobody’s business.

4. Where am I? 

A girl I went to uni with only used to drink coffee when she was working on her computer. If we were just sitting at a café having a chat she’d decline but if we had our laptops out and were studying she’d accept. Freak. Hi Katie, if you’re reading! I don’t REALLY think you’re a freak. Well I do a bit.

5. Pregnancy

Prior to falling pregnant I would snack on bunches of coriander left, right and centre. It was a bit of a quirk of mine but I just couldn’t get enough of the stuff. The very day I fell pregnant and for the nine months that followed if someone so much as said the word I would start hyperventilating from repulsion.

6. So THAT’s what’s in it 

As a kid I was blissfully unaware that my grandmother’s chocolate mousse contained raw egg. I would always sneak to the fridge with a large spoon in the middle of the night and go wild with the leftovers. These days when she makes it I try so hard to think of every excuse under the sun as to why I don’t want any. I hate the possibilty of offending her, but the very thought of gelatinous raw egg whites make me want to hurl.

What are your double standards when it comes to food and drink? Do you have any or do you think I am totally bonkers? 

Phoodie’s culinary obsession began when she was 3. A move to London in 2009 was the catalyst she needed to throw caution to the wind and enrol is the world famous Le Cordon Bleu cookery school. Upon her course completion, she worked with some of the UK and Europe’s top chefs assisting them in the classes they ran. Phoodie is a cookbook, restaurant, and supermarket obsessed blogger and Mum of 2. Phoodie blogs here, is on Facebook here and tweets here.

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