How many bags does a girl need?

Why this monkey is wearing a dress +other looks of the week

Why this monkey is wearing a dress +other...

Kate’s bag. Her ONLY bag.

Last year I revealed on Twitter that I own just the one bag. It’s dark brown, comfortably holds a decent-sized book and my wallet. There’s a pocket for my phone and another for tampons. It’s made of tough nylon fabric, so is impervious to spilt Diet Coke as well as nuclear fallout.  I don’t give my bag a second thought. But the day I sent that tweet to the world, a lot of other people did. My sisters led the chorus.  Many questioned how I can live with myself, let alone just one bag? Thirty-one of my (presumably) stylish followers clicked ‘unfollow.’ I was a victim of online bagism.

I do, in fact, own several other bags. My husband bought me a rich pink Marc Jacobs satchel two years ago. The bag lovers in my life have asked for it to be left to them when I die. It’s lovely – I carry it when I’m trying to be taken seriously as a writer; so, not often. Also, I live in fear of a Diet Coke flood within its gorgeousness.

Does this look like your wardrobe?

I also have a furry Wayne Cooper handbag. Mum bought it for me, concerned I might take the brown bag to the recent Ultimate Girly High Tea and ruin the look of the dress I’d bought specially (I like buying clothes, but bags aren’t on my radar). I enjoyed carrying furry Wayne, but he’s now languishing at the bottom of my wardrobe in his logoed flannelette storage bag, where he’ll stay until one of my sisters borrows him. I can actually think of more uses for the flannelette bag than furry Wayne.

I also have another bag, identical to the brown one, but red and four times the size. If I was a shoplifter (and if the bag wasn’t red) that’s the one I’d take.

So that’s four bags, but only one is on active duty. Some things people notice and some they don’t. I never notice other people’s bags so I’m not bothered about my own. For some people it’s shoes, for others it’s lipsticks. One friend has had the same haircut since she was 15. She’s 47. Is it her signature style or is she in a rut? Is there something in your life that you won’t let go – no matter how many people say you must?

How many bags do you own? And what is inside it/them?

What do you think?


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