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Mia writes: Welcome to a sponsored post from HEINZ BEANZ® . Lana has been planning a little cooking surprise for me. I’ll hand you straight over to her to tell you all about it :

It’s time for a little cooking inspiration on Mamamia and what could be more inspiring than HEINZ BEANZ?

HEINZ BEANZ are a low GI food, low in fat, high in muscle-building protein and complex carbohydrates and high in fibre.

They are packed with protein, iron, vitamins and minerals and a great source of fibre, and even better – they are all  goodness, with no added preservatives.

Last time we put a HEINZ BEANZ challenge to our readers (click here to see) it was clear that we are a community of HEINZ BEANZ eaters.  We like them on toast, we like them straight from the tin, we like them with our scrambled eggs and we like them in our soups.   It’s clear there is more to HEINZ BEANZ than just a spoon – they are an important ingredient in your cooking

So today we are going to issue a challenge to Mia, whose favourite HEINZ BEANZ recipe has got to be – simply from a tin.  Leave us a recipe that includes HEINZ BEANZ and the recipe that gets the most thumbs up is the recipe that Mia will use in our next cooking demonstration.  It’s up to you people – give us your best HEINZ BEANZ recipe and we will put Mia to the test

If Mia is able to meet this challenge Mamamia will donate $500 to Kids Helpline! So go wild.

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