Have you seen the New Idea shots of The Wonder Twins yet?

Record cover ... Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt break baby snap price<br /> records.

Yes, I know neither of these covers is New Idea but I can’t find that cover anywhere on the net. NI have gone with the same cover as Hello, for what is rumoured to have been a $750K deal negotiated jointly with Who Weekly who will (please God) have more shots on
Run don’t walk into your nearest petrol station, newsagent or convenience store, get your hands on a copy and either buy or flick through the front few pages. Ignore the ads. They’re annoying.

You know what I love most of all? The way Angelina is wearing a nightie, barely any make-up, and looks like a real mother. A real mother of newborn twins who is knackered. She’s still a goddess, obviously. But she looks exhausted and has crow’s feet and she’s RADIANT.
The whole family are wearing whatever and lying around on the bed and the shots are absolutely divine.
They could not be more different from the contrived, high-fashion, massively air-brushed newborn shots of J-Lo and all the other celebrities who sell their shots and pocket the cash.

The Jolie-Pitt clan looks like a whole lot of fun to be part of. Maddox has a blue tuft of hair on top of his hair. Part of Pax’s fringe is bleached blonde. Zahara has a couple of her nails painted red. Shiloh is wearing what looks like a hand-me-down singlet top that says “George” for some reason.

Oh it’s all heaven.


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