Halloween. Scary. In so many ways.

So I’m guessing that 9 year old Noah Cyrus’s
parents (who are also Miley’s parents) asked her what she wanted to
dress up as for Halloween and she said…….

Oh stop. I’m not going to say it.

I’m going to say is that Noah (and her 9 year old cousin Emily Grace
Reeves) has previous form in

Like here.


If you ask me (which Mr & Mrs Billy Ray Cyrus clearly don’t), that kid spends WAY too much time on red carpets.

ANYWAY. It’s less than a week until Halloween. If you do not have
children this will be unremarkable to you but if you do have kids, you
may find yourself shaking your head, not just at Noah and her little
cousin, but at the way Halloween has so firmly taken hold in Australia
over the past few years.

I remember being a kid and WISHING Halloween was a big deal here.
What’s not to love about the opportunity to get dressed up in a costume
and knock on people’s door and get free junk food?

If kids got to invent a holiday from scratch, it would be Halloween,
possibly with the addition of unlimited TV and no bedtime. Sign me up

This week, I’ve begun to notice houses decorated for Halloween in the same way
they are for Christmas (except with spider webs and pumpkins and spiders and bats instead of Santa). Toy shops have devoted their windows to
Halloween merchandising and even fruit and vegie shops are carving

Oh listen, it’s the sound of cash registers.

Will your kids be trick or treating? Do you have your house stocked up with supplies for neighbourhood kids? Do you even care?


This is Miley Cyrus’s sister. She is 9 and I am trying to breathe.

Come on Kiddies! Let’s pretend to be strippers!


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