Groupon Australia recall counterfeit and defective Durex condoms.

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Groupon Australia, the website known for its cheap vouchers from restaurants, has had to notify many customers after they found they were inadvertently selling counterfeit, defective “Durex” condoms, with holes in them.

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare and it’s made international headlines this week.

Anyone who used these hole-ridden condoms could now be at risk of an unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. It’s a big mistake that’s now threatening the health of consumers in the worst possible way.

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Groupon sold the faulty condoms between 12 March and 10 April, and consumers have now been urged to dispose of the counterfeit products immediately. Those who were unfortunate enough to use the defective condoms have been advised by Groupon and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commision to seek medical advice.

A Groupon spokesperson confirmed to The Glow that the Durex condoms sold through the site “are counterfeit goods with defects that may cause them to fail.”

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Furthermore, the spokesperson said that: “All customers who purchased the counterfeit products have been proactively contacted by Groupon notifying them of the recall… a full refund has been processed to all customers.”

You know what you can’t get a refund on? Your sexual health. I’m sure that a $7 refund is a huge relief to someone who is looking at their lives being changed forever by an STI or unwanted pregnancy...

I spent a long time looking at the Groupon website, and could find no mention of the recall of counterfeit, defective Durex condoms. (Post continues after gallery.)

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Citrus Beat was the merchant who sold the imposter condoms through Groupon. Mashable questioned whether Citrus Beat were properly vetted and reviewed before becoming a merchant, and if they would be held liable for their actions. A Groupon spokesperson responded that “ongoing investigations into the matter were underway”.

Condoms are used with the intention of practicing safe sex. It doesn’t get simpler than that. Groupon have betrayed their consumers through selling condoms which are not only counterfeits of a reputable brand, but also riddled with holes.

In an era in which STIs are on the rise across the Australian population, due to a lack of condom use, it’s truly the responsible consumers who have lost out in this situation.

The full product recall can be viewed here.


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