Georgia Love has gifted us with her old Myspace and we can’t look away.

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Oh, Myspace. You seemed like such a gift when you burst onto the Internet scene in 2005. You were once the most visited site on the web.

But now? You’re just a source of hilarity when famous faces discover all the over-filtered, over-posed and just plain embarrassing pictures they used to post on their profiles (sorry, Tom).

Bachelorette star Georgia Love is the latest star to share her truly cringeworthy Myspace pictures with the world.


And…we love them. Not because they’re necessarily great photos (we all know first generation digital cameras + having to edit in MS Paint = disaster waiting to happen) but because we can SO RELATE.

Looking at old social media pics of yourself from more than a decade ago is so bad that it’s almost good and you just can’t look away.

It began a few days ago…at 4am, where all good Myspace trawling sessions start.

Then, this:

(It’s ok, Georgia, I’m pretty sure I once held a half hour photo session in my room to get a shot JUST LIKE THIS and then had the awkward job of explaining to mum why there were smudge marks all over my mirror.)

Love continued to share more photos with her fans, using the hashtag “#2006georgiaistheworst”.

If we’re really honest though, the 2006 version of EVERYONE is the worst, so this is a hashtag we can 100 per cent get behind.

Georgia Love Myspace 4
Image via Twitter/Myspace.
Georgia Love Myspace 2
Image via Twitter/Myspace.
Georgia Love Myspace 1
Image via Twitter/Myspace.
Georgia Love Myspace 3
Image via Twitter/Myspace.

Georgia finished her Myspace sharing rampage by telling her followers she was "off to book in a brow appointment out of 11 year old embarrassment".

As for us? We're off to stalk the Myspace profiles of everyone we've ever known.


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