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Woman asks Internet for help with friend’s engagement photo. Internet doesn’t disappoint.

The Veronicas copped an epic roasting on last night's edition of 'Hard Chat'.

The Veronicas copped an epic roasting on...

When a woman asked the Internet to photoshop her friend’s engagement photo the results were unexpectedly hilarious.

“HELP! My bestfriend sister (sic) just got engaged and she’s the one in this photo…she wants the guy in the background photoshopped,” the woman asked her Facebook friends.

photoshop fail
The woman probably did not expect the response she received when she posted the original request. (Image: ruthlessruthmore.)

The responses were very entertaining, with images of the man being replaced by Donald Trump,  Beyonce, Barney, Kermit the Frog and other impressively creative photoshops.

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See the gallery below to see some of our favourite responses this photoshop request received.

One good samaritan did indeed help the couple out, though, posting this image with the man photoshopped out.

Photoshop fail
At least one good samaritan completed the couple's request! (Image: Virtika.)

We wish the couple a happy engagement!

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