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I’m a recent coffee convert. It’s awkward, because now I’m not allowed to make fun of ‘coffee people’.

I used to scoff at packs of gents in Lycra sipping espressos after their Sunday morning ride on $10,000 bikes. And I’d snigger as I waited to pay for my bottle of juice while someone’s skinny double shot latte was lovingly crafted.

For a long time, I didn’t get it. Then something happened, kids maybe, and I needed something to punctuate the day. Also, people seemed to get together ‘for coffee’. I was lonely, so I sometimes joined them. No one makes plans to talk over juice, do they? I liked the coffee, I loved the catch-ups and I was hooked.

Now I have a coffee ritual – I love it, but it means I can’t take the mickey out of others. My ritual goes like this:

After I make breakfast, pack lunches, shout a bit, look for a swimming cap, take a teddy off the dog, rummage for clean socks and shout a bit more, I drop three kids at two schools. My route takes me past a number of cafes. My favourite, naturally, is the first one I pass, but parking is iffy and there’s sometimes a woman in front of me in the queue who I find overly chatty BC (before coffee).

If there’s a parking space and I can’t spy Chatty-Woman, I’m in there.

I take my skinny capp and go. Either to my desk at home, or to the office. Either way, not a word gets written until the cup (regular size) is empty. Then the workday begins.

One bought coffee a day is plenty for me. It’s been a conscious decision to NOT have a coffee machine at home. Some of my friends have them and when they entertain it’s like they become baristas themselves – slaves to their friends’ coffee habits.

Once I’m at work, to leave would be disastrous. Just as that first coffee says ‘start,’ going out again would say, ‘stop.’

So coffee is happening more frequently at home. That’s why I tried the NESCAFE Café Menu (actually, just the Cappuccino – I’m a purist but there are 12 other flavours available). Also, I was writing this post. But I didn’t get a freebie – I bought a box myself with my very own money. And it was great – rich with flavour and with a creamy froth.

And the best bit? No parking, no waiting and no Chatty-Woman dilemma. Just coffee and conversation – with people I like.

Congratulations to the thousands that received your free NESCAFE Cafe Menu sample. Unfortunately we are all out of samples (you guys sure do love your coffee!) – but feel free to pop into your local supermarket to buy some to try at home.

What’s your relationship with coffee?

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