Fluff: The most surprising celebrity parent of the year.

baby toes

1. Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton is now the father of a baby boy.

Hilton, 34, made the surprise announcement via a personal message and photo posted on his blog, perezhilton.com:

“I am ready to announce that earlier this month I was blessed with the birth of my first child, a beautiful and healthy baby boy – with lots of hair on his tiny head!,” he wrote.

“My family is overjoyed at this newest and most cherished addition … I am so humbled to welcome this little man into my life. And I am honored and ready for the challenge of guiding him through his.”

The openly gay blogger gave no details of the birth nor the child’s mother.

Check out the cute first photo and pics of other recent celebrity parents in this gallery.

2. Anne Hathaway has issued a dramatic and slightly bizarre apology for the dress that she wore to the Oscars. Do you think that was necessary? Click here to read.

Anne Hathaway at the Oscars

3. The NRL’s 2013 marketing campaign is using pop singer Jessica Mauboy to appeal to female viewers.

The 23-year-old Sapphires star is the first female to front an NRL advertisement since the popular Tina Turner campaign used in the 1990s.

Mauboy performs a cover of Etta James’ ‘Something’s Got A Hold On Me’ while images of men, women and girls kicking around a footy flash across the screen. Even Jess has a go, although her high heels and leather pants probably wouldn’t pass OH&S guidelines (unless she was playing for the Lingerie Football League).

”Being an Aussie, being part of such an Aussie brand, that is huge for me. Growing up I had always envisaged doing something for Australia and representing so this is a massive step,” she told the SMH.

Reactions to the ad have been mixed. What do you think?

4. Most celebrities sell their baby shower photos for a motza.  Kristen Bell has simply shared them on Twitter and it looks like she’s having a ball. Click here to see.

5. Sad about these splits (well, one of them anyway).

Michelle Williams and Jason Segel; Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen
Michelle Williams and Jason Segel; Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen

A collective ‘ohhhh’ went around the Mamamia office when we heard about this: after one year together, Michelle Williams and Jason Segel have ended their relationship. It has been reported that geography- Williams lives in New York with her daughter Matilda, while Segel is based in LA – took its toll.

The actors, both aged 32, started dating at the beginning of 2012, having been introduced by their mutual friend and fellow actor Busy Phillips.

Also, Rachel McAdams’ two-year relationship with Twilight star Michael Sheen has come to an end. The couple met during filming of Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris and began dating in October 2010.

McAdams, 34, was previously engaged to her The Notebook co-star Ryan Gosling, while Sheen, 44, has a daughter with his former partner, actress Kate Beckinsale.

6. Beyonce has tweeted a photo of herself in the shower. Click here to see.

7. The rumour mill is in overdrive about Brad and Angelina’s wedding plans. Including some, er, bizarre revelations for their florist. Read them here.

8. Ovary melting alert. Bake Lively and Ryan Reynolds visited a paediatric unit while shooting Queen of the Night. The images of them holding tiny babies are melting hearts. And ovaries. Click here to see.


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